This Festive Season, Five Ways To Make Your Loved One’s Day Special

Posted: October 2, 2018

What can make anyone’s day feel special? Surprises! Surprises are what bring a special touch to anyone’s life.

Making someone feel special is something that makes you feel wonderful as well; your special one could be your family member, friends, best friend or your girlfriend/boyfriend. When you try to make their day better, you will feel happy from inside too, a feeling which is very different from anything else you experience.

And what can make anyone’s day feel special? Surprises! Surprises are what bring a special touch to anyone’s life.

Sending gifts

Sending gifts to your loved ones is among the best ways which strengthens your relationships. Because, the sending and receiving of gifts can make a strong bond and connection between each other, and when you send gifts you try to know their choices better which can help you in opening up with each other.

Gifts like teddies, chocolates, flowers, cake, candles, balloons and greeting cards are cute little things which can melt your loved one’s heart. If you have a brother you love, send bhai dooj gifts to your brother this festive season to share the love and care and make your connection even stronger.

Surprise date for them

Every young woman and man loves to go on dates and if it is organized as a surprise by your special ones, then it can completely change your day and make you feel like a star. You can plan your date according to whether you want a night date or day date, and of course, there are certain things which you have to keep in mind like the place, time and outfits. It is very obvious that no one wants to spoil the date on petty things going wrong.

Enjoy a meal together

You can prepare their favourite meal and have it together; after all, spending time with each other will help you in maintaining the understanding and trust factor between you both. Time is one of the most precious things which you can give to someone special.

Learn something new

Learning new things is a very good habit but not many realise that learning new things can make your mind stronger and powerful. If you are learning with your special someone then it will be helpful for both of you and a great togetherness activity. New activities could include anything like skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing – in short, anything that you and your partner will enjoy doing together and bond over.

Go on a trip

Long trips can help you in relaxing your mind as well as your body, which is very important for your health. Book a ticket, choose a place and go on a long trip – just make sure to choose a destination which is comfortable for you as well as for your partners.

Many of these simple ways to spend more time and surprise your loved ones are especially apt, now that Diwali is coming up! With the tradition of giving Diwali gifts, why restrict yourself to the usual sweets? This year, go for one of the unusual surprise ideas I’ve given you, and pick from some beautiful Diwali gifts here.

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