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#MeToo Is Not An Adventure For Women, It’s A Battle

She was a child, a teenager, a friend, a wife, a companion, an employee, a colleague, a mother she is a WOMAN above all.

She was a child, a teenager, a friend, a wife, a companion, an employee, a colleague, a mother she is a WOMAN above all.

Don’t tag her as a survivor – she wasn’t suppose to be one! She was suppose to be the Goddess we PRAY.

My country is addressed as ‘SHE’ – as #bharatmata yet everyday I walk on the road, board a bus, halt an auto, take a train I fear my SAFTEY. I don’t wear tight clothes, short skirts, dark lipstick, high heels for you – I wear them because I feel comfortable in them. I wear them because I like it. My body is my authority and only mine!!

We all must have had those moments where those creepy eyes stared at our bodies, those hands forced all their way to feel our skin, the body language indicated the thirst to feel the body so hard…Their hands on our mouths saying “just this time”, the voice saying “Don’t tell anyone, or else… “. Those hands pressing her body so forcibly hard that she cannot fight back. And then her thoughts, ”WHY ME?”

Why as a woman am I to be looked at this way? Why is a NO not understood as a NO? I see them when I leave work late in the evening on a silent street, I see them in the vehicle next to mine, I see them at the train station in a crowd of hundreds and I only wish to be safe. Is it too much to ask?

Yes I have felt the groping in public and when turned around to slap him, that abusive man vanished in the crowd. He looked as normal as all the men out there. The creepy side of these men is so ghostly that it is so devastating to feel one.

Our graceful body parts were not only meant to be ogled at by these leeches but they are meant to distinguish the gender, they define a mother, a lady. Respect it because you would not have been born if she did not push you out and then filled your stomach with milk.

We as women have now started a revolution wherein we wish to set examples by highlighting these normal looking yet dark shaded men in our lives. He was a family member, a friend, a colleague – he was a living human for sure. When we raised a voice, we are questioned about our intentions too? We are probed on questions which indicate our interest in these men and some hidden motive behind them too. Why would we be questioned on our own pity?

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To those who have been in this dark space I urge you all to speak up irrespective of what the conclusion is, at least our grave will be lit forever when this dark pain is fought with the courage in our voices.

And to all those who are questioning the women’s integrity, remember this isn’t an adventure for her – this is a ugly battle she is fighting for herself and she deserves all the support necessary. Now her voice is her strength, Let her speak and let her Fight.


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