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‘Mahanati’ Actress Malavika Nair Aspires To Be Brave And Daring Like Parvathi Menon

Malavika Nair, an upcoming actress is a college-going teenager who has learnt many life lessons being in the film industry from a very young age. 

Malavika Nair, an upcoming actress is a college-going teenager who has learnt many life lessons being in the film industry from a very young age. 

You have seen Malavika Nair as the hopeful and full of life Sudhanthirakodi in ‘Cuckoo’, as free-spirited Anandi in ‘Yevade Subramanium’ and as strong, powerful, loving Alamelu in ‘Mahanati‘. But do we know who Malavika as a person really is?

She was born in Delhi, her family soon moved to Kerala and since then Malavika has never looked back. Her first big role was in the Malayalam movie ‘Black Butterfly’ and after that, she has only touched the heights of success in
her life.

I usually had this conception that famous people have a lot of ‘attitude’ but when I first met Malavika in college during a class I didn’t know that she was an actress. Her aura was so friendly that I couldn’t even make out that she was that famous then. This is something that I really wanted to share with everyone. I always used to wonder how she manages both college and her career in cinema. Finally, I got my answer!

Apart from being an actress, Malavika is a normal college going girl pursuing her B.A degree. About managing both personal and professional life she says, “I like the fast-paced life of mine.” She loves constantly being under a bit of pressure as she believes that it would bring the best out of her. All that she wants to do is to grow, learn and fortunately, till now, it has always been fun managing different things at once.

Cinema is not a child’s world

No matter what you pursue in your life it will end up teaching you something. For Malavika, the lessons started at a very young age in the acting industry as she was just 13 years old when she did her first feature film. Talking about her learnings Malavika mentions, “It’s not a child’s world, acting is kind of a grey area and it’s hard for somebody who is young and still forming her own opinions.”

Back then she was still an adolescent, a time when you are trying to find yourself, build your character and take that with you to face the world. It was very much then that Malavika landed up in a world where she needed reassurance. At that tender age, she realized that people were not always kind and genuine. This has made her more mature for her age and she has a better idea of how an adult would see the world.

Be genuine to the character you play

Talking about acting Malavika told me that people would relate to the character you are portraying only when you yourself connect well and be genuine to it. As an actor, if you want your audience to feel the same emotions as that of your character, then your personal connect with it is the key. For Malavika, her best role till now has been Anandi in Yevade Subramanium.

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Actress Parvathi Menon has been Malavika’s true inspiration. It’s her selection of roles, flawless performance, and as a person, she has made Malvika trust her instincts and guts. The way Parvathi is not afraid to take a stand is something that Malavika aspires to have in her.

One tip that Malavika wishes to share with everyone is that society doesn’t accept you always, they’ll say stuff like “not meant for you” but that doesn’t mean you should leave your passion. It’s better to associate with people who have similar ideas because that helps a lot. It prompts you to have the courage to accept the change. “You need to be able to detach yourself from what’s going on, what people say and not let words affect you a lot. If you are willing to let go then things will fall into place eventually,” says Malavika.

According to Malavika, she is just another teenage girl. But after hearing so much from her, do you think she really is just any other teenage girl? I doubt.

Image Souce – Stills from Malvika Nair’s movies

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