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Two Fathers And A Wedding… Love Is All That Mattered!

Posted: September 18, 2018

“Maa, why are two brides standing with each other?” The mother gently held her son’s hand and said, “Because love doesn’t see gender. If you love someone, you can always choose them.”

Father 1

It is his daughter’s marriage tomorrow. He was restless. Sleep would not come. Radhika was his first born, now all grown up, and tomorrow she marries her long-term partner. He looked at his wife who was sleeping at peace, picked up his spectacles and walked out of the room.

Once in the living room, he checked the huge ‘To Do’ list he had stuck on the wall for past 3 months. He checked each one of them. All ticked in blue. The way he checked Radhika’s homework when she was a child. He gently rubbed his moist eyes, as he went back to bed. Sleep won’t come today, he knew. Also, all the relatives were arriving early in the morning.

Father 2

Not very far away  another father looked out of the hotel window. He was sleepless. It is his daughter’s marriage too, tomorrow. But he has come alone, with his daughter.

Since the day the marriage was announced, his family and friends have started deserting him. His wife refused to attend her own daughter’s wedding. He has been excommunicated by his community. For the last 3 months, he and his daughter are almost on their own. No one wanted that marriage to happen. But he stood by his daughter. Her choice. And her well being.

Both fathers

The next day at sharp 11, both the fathers wearing their best dresses walked to the venue with their daughters. One father all alone with his daughter. The other with family and friends.

Both the fathers met. They hugged. Their daughters had fallen in love with each other in college. And now, they wanted to tie the knot.

As two brides entered the venue looking ravishing, a little boy held his mother’s hand and whispered, “Maa, why are there no bridegrooms? Why are two brides standing with each other?” The mother gently held her son’s hand and said, “Because love doesn’t see gender. If you love someone, you can always choose them. Love is always right.” The little boy looked at his mother and nodded, as the ceremony began on the other end of the marriage hall.

It is said that the sky was clear that day, and a beautiful rainbow came up and refused to leave.

Radhika’s father happily took all pictures outdoors, as the rainbow blossomed freely.

Image source: YouTube

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  1. This tugs the heart strings. Heartwarming story. But what leaves me pained is how the community still has a long way to go. Behavioural change takes time, but things transform slowly but surely.

    Very well written Paromita. If I may ask is this a true account?

    • Thank you Natasha. Yes, behavioral change will take time. It will change when we normalize it in our conversations. No, it isn’t a true account. But I am sure there must be someone deeply in love waiting for their union to take place.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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