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Marriage – A Journey Or The Destination?

Marriage is not the end goal for girls. It's time we realised this and let out girls be.

Marriage is not the end goal for girls. It’s time we realised this and let out girls be.

‘Sharma ji, laddu kab khila rahe ho?’

‘Are Gupta ji, bitiya to kaafi badi ho gayi hai, jaldi se ek acha ladka dhoondna padega!’

‘Jain Sahab, beti ke haath peele kab karwa rahe ho?’

These are just some of the common dialogues with which most of us have grown up. Didn’t we? It always seems like neighbours and relatives are more eager and enthusiastic to tie our wedding knots as early as possible. They constantly try to brainwash our minds. Is it their genuine concern towards us or it’s just a matter of getting one more chance to attend a grand party or function! I wonder if it’s really their concern, then where does this vanishes off when it comes to our education, our career?

Where does this disappear post marriage? Why the entire focus, the limelight is on marriage? Are we born and brought up to just get married? Is it the only ambition or the final destination?

No, there is a hell lot more beyond this. Girls are a lot more than being merely a marriage material.

Many girls are still forced into marriage without their assent. They simply don’t have a say in choosing their own life partners. In many villages, there is still a prevalence of child marriages and honour killings. Girls are married at a very tender age when they should be going to school. You can’t call it forced also as they don’t resist, as they don’t know the very meaning of the word ‘Marriage’ itself, it’s all a game before them (gudde guddiyon ka khel) and they are least aware of this menace. At places, girls are ill-treated, subjected to death if they cross the so called sacred boundary of caste or religion, to choose their life partners.

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Why our girls have to undergo all this? Why she doesn’t have a right in taking her own decisions? If we are looking forward for a better place to live in, better environment to survive in, then let the girls live their own way, let them be free to make apt choices and uninterrupted decisions.

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