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Why Are Relationships Struggling To Smile?

Love: That one feeling which brings smile, turns everything into a better version and we direct our lives towards everything that can make our love life better. Isn’t it?

Love: That one feeling which brings smile, turns everything into a better version and we direct our lives towards everything that can make our love life better. Isn’t it?

But these days I have seen something that worries me. Short term relations are all happy go lucky. But as the time passes by and the relation goes into a serious mode (as they call it), not many people have that happy go lucky mood.

In some cases this happens when people start thinking about getting into marriage and in some cases when they are already married. And why not? These days the personalities of people is mind boggling. The art of pretence is so much trending that the version of the person before marriage is no where a match to the one after marriage.

Isn’t it ironical that we are always taught as children that nobody is perfect, but as we grow up we need a perfect package – fair,100% medically fit, beautiful, cooking skills, managing skills, always nodding skills, forget self skills, etc.

I am sure that God had no idea that his human could have so many demands from a single soul.  And the funny part is that the human forgets that like everyone else, he has his own flaws.

Things are so worse that people are ready to move out of marriage. The love that bonded them gets replaced by the societal pressure keeping under one roof.

People no more want to make effort to take stand for the right. And the person who cannot take your side when you are right, doesn’t deserve your efforts. Elders cannot always be right, whether your parents or your in-laws. The two things which are critical in any relation are respect and support.

“What are you saying? I am a male and why should I respect females”? Dude! Respect is the first thing you should have to start a conversation. We are so mad about a person’s physical appearance that we forget that outer personality can be tuned by exercises, but till date there has been nothing that can tune the inner traits.

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Our generation needs to understand that color will fade, medical conditions will come, wrinkles will rise ,you will lose strength and you will retire from your job. But some things that will last are memories, smiles and support.

Relationships which were once said to complete us are so dreaded now that the ones into it want to get out and the ones who are single prefer to stay single. Heartbreaking truth! As it is said sooner and right investment gives good results – holds true for relationships as well.

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