Is Your Child Glued To The Mobile? Richa Mamgain Pant Has A ‘Sporty’ Solution!

With her initiative to make physical activity fun for children, entrepreneur Richa Mamgain Pant draws on her own experience as a mom who's children were getting glued to devices.

With her initiative to make physical activity fun for children, entrepreneur Richa Mamgain Pant draws on her own experience as a mom who’s children were getting glued to devices.

She describes her work as:

Sportyze is an initiative to design exciting and fun physical activities for children (in Delhi). These activities are not just regular fitness routines but a culmination of holistic activities that help their personal development. Our programs and activities are curated to suit each child’s physical stamina and endurance. There’s aren’t any organizations which aid in the holistic development of children through physical activities and games.

The core idea of our initiative is to enhance children’s social skills, mental abilities and their overall personality via games and sports. Children aged from 18 months to 8 years old are the ones who need this kind of activities, as their IQ is getting developed in this phase. This is the time to cultivate a healthy mind via physical and cognitive activities.

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I have two children, a 10-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son, who had been suffering from wheezing since they were 4 years old. My pediatrician’s advice was to train their lung capacity to solve this problem. I saw how the kids refused to do any physical activities despite all my efforts and just played on an iPad. I looked for a place for my kids to get physical development but I didn’t find any.

I started designing these programs for my own children to enhance their stamina and lung capacity. I faced all the problems I have mentioned above with my own children, i.e., addiction to devices, no interest in socialisation and other activities that were already available, etc. and soon realized that this is a widespread problem with many other children.

We started with a team of 5 in 2016 and since then, have never looked back. Our journey has been incredibly rewarding as all the children enrolled in our program have enjoyed all our activities, and at the same time, we have been able to add value to their life.

Why she thinks you’ll love her work

The main problem addressed by our initiative is the negative impact of media and technological devices. Children are getting addicted to these devices; from mobile phones to game stations, a lot of time is spent on this. Comparatively, insufficient time is given to the outdoors compared to the previous generations.

According to a survey published in the Guardian, children spend approximately only half as much time playing outside as their parents did. The resultant repercussions are poor social skills, low physical fitness, and a dearth of creativity and curiosity. Our programs are tailored to various options of activities for children that help them in their overall well-being and growth and add value to them. They become responsible for themselves as well as others and realize the art and importance of communication.



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