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Life Is Not A Race – A Poem, A Moment Of Reflection

Do you grapple with feelings of self-doubt? This poem will appeal to you.

Do you grapple with feelings of self-doubt? This poem will appeal to you.

I am tired of the feeling that meekly presents itself every now and then.

In the silence of the night, it whispers, you are not good enough.

I brush it off as a silly thought many times, but it just stays to play hide and seek,

In my most vulnerable times, it finds its voice to make its point.

The entire world that I had created around me suddenly appears to be a mere attempt

To keep me safe from feeling mediocre.

The deeper I bury my failures, the taller I build the walls of reasoning

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The dreams don’t present themselves anymore, for I have long forgotten to recognize them.

Years I have spent cementing the layers of pretentious success, that I couldn’t care less.

And tired of tirelessly pleasing the people around me…

For what is left, seems like I have been living a lie the entire time

And there is no way I could connect anymore to myself

I must be gifted right? Everyone is.

but i never trusted mine to be any good.

I went on to play their game, I won some, I lost some,

but in this maddening race called life, I forgot how to love my own uniqueness.

Not a desire, not a dream, not a single wish I would want to scream,

maybe that’s why, its coming back to haunt me,

In the shallowness of life lived, to say, I am not good enough,

To provoke me, to knock some sense into me,

For I ain’t a bad player. I just chose the wrong race.

In fact life never was a race that I believed it to be.

Maybe its too late already, Maybe I could never make It alright

May be I will continue to live a life without knowing how to love myself

But I make a sincere promise, to the voice that tells me I am no good,

I will not be mocked, I will not bow down, and I will never ever give up on my dreams like I have always done.

Try me, try me one last time, this time may be with some love?

First published here.

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