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How To Be Best Friends For Ever…

Posted: August 5, 2018

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Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of August. Wishing all of you today on this occasion!

Friend is a word which we know from our childhood days. Schools and colleges create a great space for friends and friendship. Friends are made in every walk of life and many continue with us from the school days and last long till old age. Lucky are the ones who are around friends. From our younger days these quotes made us realise what friendship is.

Friend in need is a friend indeed.

Tell your friend I will tell who you are.

The ship that never sinks in the ocean of life is friendship.

The importance of Friendship is induced through Mythological characters like Krishna & Kuchela, Duryodhana & Karna. Many fables carry the message of true friendship and this helps children to understand the nature of friendship.

Today is Friendship Day. we miss many of our friends as they stay overseas or somewhere away from us. We can send messages and talk over phone. After school, it’s only a few who go to same colleges and study together. Later on career, marriage, family all take their turn and the quality time becomes very negligible. In order to maintain this good friendship and to make it last longer, a few simple measures are required.

Only ME

First of all don’t feel that you should be the only friend to him/her.

Not remembered, but never thinks to forget

Don’t get disturbed if he/she didn’t greet you on special occasions.

Handles it his/her own way

Don’t expect him/her to disclose all his/her family or job issues with you.

You are special to them, you is special to you

Don’t compare yourself with him /her. You are two different personalities.

They like you the way you are

Don’t feel inferior in any way about anything.

No entry

Don’t allow third party interference If any problem, sort out immediately together.

Quality time

When you meet, talk about things that you both enjoy doing it.

Care for each other

As you age, include sharing health tips, quitting bad habits if any, savings for children’s education, Retirement plans etc.

Pat up

Try to boost each other to face the ups & downs in life. Never discourage or feel bad.

Be in touch

The support from friends is a rich asset. Take time to know about his well-being, and provide them a shoulder to cry-on in the crisis period. Because there will be many to cheer him/her in his celebrations. But you make sure to stand there at the needed time.

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