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5 Half Yearly Resolutions And How Good It Is To Have Them In Place

Here are 5 half year resolutions of the author that is helping her to stay better focused in life. Which are yours? 

Here are 5 half-yearly resolution by Smita Shukla that are helping her to stay better focused in life. Which are yours? 

Making New Year’s resolutions is one thing, successfully executing them is another. Do you silently agree with me on this? But most of us forget about the resolutions  within the first two months itself! Nothing is more dampening than the fizzled out new year resolutions, only to realise towards the end of the year that you had planned something in the first place.

So, in keeping with the tradition of making new year resolutions and also with the new found tradition of celebrating half birthday’s, I decided to make ‘half year resolutions’ this time.

Here goes the list of my half year resolutions from July onwards. The first half is an interesting story (I’ve accomplished them) about which I shall discuss sometime later.

Plant a tree

I chose this time to plant a tree because the monsoons have pretty much arrived. So, the chances of survival for the sapling are high, even if I miss watering them on time. I planted a Gulmohar sapling this season.

Using hotel toiletries

I was quite opinionated about them. But almost all good hotel rooms provide good quality soaps, body wash, creams etc. Often, more than you’ll use on your intended days of stay. I have a good collection from my husband’s and my hotel stays. So, rather than keeping them collecting dust, I will just start using them or give them to someone who might need them.

Half yearly cleaning of closet

I finally, after trying again and again, picked those clothes or dresses that I have not worn in the past six months, and ones I am not inclined to wear either. These are as good as new clothes which I happily share with my friends or cousins.

Cosmetics too!

Cosmetics that are approaching their shelf life are used or given away. It’s okay to prettify yourself once in a while rather than waiting for an event or a family function. Even for work, I break the monotony often and rev up myself with the aging cosmetics before they pass away.

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Bi-annual mental ablutions

There are always a few people in our lives who can find ways to pull us down, drain our positivity and serve no purpose other than spraying toxic thoughts in our minds. So, I cut them off from my life, offer a silent prayer for them and then I’m good to go.

These small, yet significant resolutions have helped me take cognizance of the fact that I am in the right direction.

So what good do half year resolutions do which New Year resolutions can’t?

  • I personally feel that in the midst of the fast paced year, our resolutions become monotonous, because we’re too busy catching up with life. The long term goals either get buried under the stress of routine life, or get completely forgotten.
  • Half yearly goals when accomplished, give us a high to undertake more resolutions by bring a sense of clarity and boost our morale.
  • They serve as a reminder that by taking tiny little steps, we are consciously moving towards our dreams. Dreams that we all have for ourselves no matter how well settled we are. We can stop, re-check, rectify and march ahead confidently.
  • By and large, the primary motive behind any resolution is self-improvement. Whichever way it works, fulfilment of the resolutions matters at the end. If the former method falters sometimes, try the latter, it’s exciting. As much as making these vital promises, evaluating them is equally important.
  • Making half year resolutions help us to keep tangible, practical goals which we often ignore since we’re used to setting idealistic, expansive goals which get buried under their own weight.

So, calculate, evaluate and propagate.

At the end we all would have a better version of ourselves!

First published here.

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