Wear Your Smile Today!

Posted: July 2, 2018

No matter what life doles out, and how you are today, a smile is what you need to wear, along with anything else you may.

After you’re done with your make-up,
Wear your smile today.
A smile that doesn’t fail to reach your eyes,
And make them shine brighter
Than your exquisite diamond studs.

After you’re done with draping your silk saree,
Wear your smile today.
A smile that makes you look resplendent,
A smile that is more flamboyant
Than your Kanjeevaram saree.

Smile and thank Almighty
For all the blessings
That He has strewn along your path,
And be blissful for receiving
This marvellous gift called ‘Life’.

And when life doesn’t give you any reason to smile-
Laugh hard.
A laughter that makes your stomach ache
And your eyes teary.

Life may not be a bed of roses,
For every rose comes with its own share of thorns,
But whatever you come across- roses or thorns,
Do not forget to wear your smile today.

Image source: pixabay

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