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I Travelled The Arid Rann Of Kutchh During My Second Trimester! #TravelGoals

Posted: July 3, 2018

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‘Thou shall travel’ was a pre-nuptial agreement we made, when we got married. We had been travel buffs all our lives and even the ‘good news’ could not deter our plans to go to the Rann of Kutchh!

Though we did our research, nothing could prepare us for this unique landscape of the Thar desert. One of the largest salt deserts in the world, visiting this natural marvel shouldn’t be missed. Here are the 10 Travel Commandments which helped my travel passionate soul feel refreshed even in the midst of a complicated (read: stressful due to health challenges) pregnancy:

  1. Medicines: Needless to say, pack all your regular and SOS medicines if you travel during pregnancy. Take only the required quantity and say a 10 percent buffer for any emergencies, travel delays or unforeseen events.
  2. Low key: Keep the itinerary a bit lighter than your adventurous self typically would. Light need not mean boring; it means calculated and evenly spaced activities to provide you intermittent resting periods.
  3. Stay hydrated: Kutchh is known for its arid climate and staying hydrated is anyways a topmost priority for any pregnant woman. So keep your body fluid rich – bottled water is your safest bet rather than juices/caffeine. But remember, when you are out on the road, a loo is not always available. Do a double check on the hygiene factor when using public loos and keep yourself away from unnecessary Urinary Tract Infections.
  4. Small snacks at proper intervals: Pack your office snacks for the tour – dry fruits, makhana, nachni chips and such nutrient rich edibles will come to your rescue when hunger pangs arise.
  5. Listen to your body: Enjoy yourself but listen to your inner voice – it is almost always right. Listen to your body and I bet you won’t sign up for something you would regret.
  6. Have a confidante: At least someone in your company must know your ‘good news’. The buddy comes handy when trying to sell detours or make a more inclusive plan.
  7. Pack your medical records: Keep a copy in your luggage; in any emergency this will be handy for a healthcare practitioner to treat you, bearing your medical condition in mind.
  8. Pregnancy first aid kit: Do not at any cost forget to stash extra sanitary pads (to handle discharge), cotton gauze and the like…it’s like a pregnant lady’s first aid kit to avoid any social mishaps.
  9. Dress easy, especially shoes: Who said maternity wear cannot turn into vacation wear! Dress up (or dress down) your bump with the lightest and most comfortable fabrics which can last you through the day. Take extra care of your feet by wearing comfortable footwear as you do not want to be tired of walking in inappropriate shoes in a foreign land!
  10. Carry a backpack (ALWAYS) – When outdoors, do pack a light backpack. Trust me, backpacks are kinder on shoulders than handbags and slings…and leave your hands free to do much more like click selfies! Store a portion of light snacks, a 100ml bottled water, SOS medication kit, a comfy dress and mint or candies (for those throw-up situations which morning sickness brings causes).

Follow these and you can be as much of a slave to wanderlust as you always were. Go on, travel the world with your bump and start making memories with your little one even before you see him or her!

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Image via Unsplash

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