You’d Better Apologize To My Daughter!

Her mother-in-law took the walking stick and went to the room where Avinash was sleeping. She went in and locked the door from inside.

Her mother-in-law took the walking stick and went to the room where Avinash was sleeping. She went in and locked the door from inside.

It was just another hot weekend in June. The outspoken mother-in-law was out for her usual kitty party. The son, Avinash was taking his afternoon nap and the daughter-in-law, Gargi, was in the kitchen.

Just then the bell rang. Gargi was occupied in the kitchen, brooding over something, and she did not hear the bell. The bell rang again, and with it, the usual annoyed words woke her up from her thoughts. She ran to open the door. It was very hot outside and her mother-in-law was sweating and saying, “I will melt outside, now if you like to, can you please open the door so I could come in? Or if you want I will go back?”

“Oh no mummyji, sorry, I was occupied in the kitchen, that’s why it took me a while to open the door.”

“No, no, now as you can see I am sweating and it’s a very hot day, and I am coming from outside, so can you please bring me some water? (there’s something on her face)

“Sorry mummyji, I’ll just get it for you.”

The mother-in-law sat down and took off her sunglasses, kept the expensive bag aside and started checking the phone, while muttering to herself.

“Here, mummyji. Water.”

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“I don’t know what’s wrong with today’s generation? If you are thirsty you need to ask for water. When my mother-in-law used to come from anywhere, I always kept a glass ready. (what’s on her face?)

Gargi heard all she had to say, but did not utter a word.

“Mummyji, would you like to eat something?”

“No I already ate at the party. Did you both had lunch?”

Suppressing a sob, Gargi quietly said, “Avinash ate and slept, I will eat later. I still have some work to finish.”

“Ok! (there is definitely something wrong and there is definitely something on her face).”

“Gargi…what is it? Come here and show me what’s on your face?”

Gargi takes a step back and tries to hide her face “oh, its nothing mummji.”

The mother gets up and goes close enough to see her face properly. Her lips were cut and there were signs of violence on her face.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, its nothing, I fell down”.

“No you didn’t. Tell me what happened to you?”

Gargi let out a sob and said with much reluctance “Avinash got angry with me”.

“Oh, he got angry and he hit you?”


“It’s ok, don’t think much about it. I will talk to him later about it.”

Gargi looked up, but didn’t utter a word. She turned to go away.

“Oh listen, I have been looking for my walking stick for many days now. Do you know where is it? I want to take it with me for my evening walk today.”

“Mummyji you go and take rest, I will bring it to you.”

“Bring it now.”

Gargi left sobbing silently, and brought back the stick.


“Ok, now you go and finish your work in the kitchen, and put some medicine on your wounds.”

Gargi left, thinking about her own mother. She wished she was here. She would have hugged her and cried hard.

Her mother-in-law took the walking stick and went to the room where Avinash was sleeping. She went in and locked the door from inside.

“Aaah…mom …what the hell are you doing? Why are you hitting me with the stick? AAHHHH!”

“How dare you hit Gargi? This is what I have taught you? I am ashamed of you today. You put us all down. Just because you are a man and have more power than her, you think you can hit her? That girl left her family, her everything, just to be with you, and you give this in return? Your father never raised a finger on me and you hit her?”



“I’m sorry mom, please stop hitting me now. I will not do it again. I don’t know what came over me. AAAHH!”

“Avinash, if I ever hear that you raised your voice at her, let alone hit her, then I will not spare you. And you’d better apologize to my daughter.”

“Ok, I will mom…I’m sorry.”

Gargi was standing right outside the closed door, crying silently. But these tears were not because of the pain, but because she had found a mother, here in this house too.

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