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10 Hacks To Travel With A 9 Month Old

Bitten by the travel bug but have a young child? No issues. Here are 10 tips that will make your travel easier and enjoyable. Go for it, mommies!

Bitten by the travel bug but have a young child? No issues. Here are 10 tips that will make your travel easier and enjoyable. Go for it, mommies!

Travel with an infant – especially when the infant has developed mobility and is all curious to explore the world; might sound like a humongous task. Chill fellow mommies; motherhood doesn’t mean ditching all travel plans.

Here are 10 hacks for the travel-hungry soul in you:

Use smart equipment

A bottle which attaches both a nipple and spoon, a container that doubles up as a bowl or tumbler, spill proof vacuum sippy cup. God bless the designer of such handy and baby proof equipment!

Ready to eat food (read healthy and not junk)

Wheat porridge, poha-chana mixture, instant dal khichadi, makhana-chana mixture… the list is endless, and recipes are easily available online. Make sure to try the meal with your baby at home before heading out rather than facing refusal in a new place.

Double the stock

Diapers, formula, infant cereal, side clothing like socks, bibs, blankets. This will make your life easier for the few days of travel.

Plan smart

Ditch the usual tourist circuit and plan one at your own pace which suits your baby’s schedule. Both, the parents and the baby, would enjoy better.

Dress up for the weather

Start the day with layering the baby, and as the sun crosses the sky keep shedding the layers. At dusk start layering back again. Remember to always carry a zipper hoody and blanket for sudden extremes (read cable car rides, boating in the lake, shopping/dining in air-conditioned spots).

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Basic medication

Apart from regular medicines and first aid kit, make sure to carry prescription drugs for all common ailments (read cough, fever, nose block, running nose, vomiting and loose motion). Most pediatricians will be more than happy to spell out a list of medicines and dosages when you give them a heads-up about your travel.

Handy items

To make your hotel room homely carry an emergency light because most hotels do not have a night lamp. A travel clothesline comes handy in case of soiled laundry which needs immediate attention. Also keep an extra foldable duffle bag – can be used either as your shopping haul bag or a laundry bag!

Ditch the baby bag

Yes you read me right. When touring only for a couple of hours, opt for a soft and foldable backpack with only baby essentials: say a diaper, a feed and sippy cup. On the other hand, when out for a half-day or longer tour, make use of the baby bag with more stuff to last the half or even full day. And needless to say, carry a larger rucksack when going outstation because it can easily be hauled onto the boot space of the vehicle.

Choose your stay wisely

Prefer staying right in the heart of the city so that most tourist places are a stone’s throw away. Also, you are better connected in case of emergency medicines, grocery stores and even commute options.

What to leave back home

The heap of baby’s toys (they will find every other thing fascinating than their own toys), hankies (use wet or face tissues girls), truckload of newspapers/polybags (trust me any hotel/ airline will provide you the same, just make sure to ask for 1-2 every day for your local travel).

Extra Hacks

In case boiled water is not possible to arrange for, trust a properly sealed mineral water bottle – it is extremely safe and okay to use it for feeding your baby. Also, just in case your baby refuses every food item/meal just milk is also good enough for them; trust me it is a paediatrician indicated complete food for infants and a few days minus solid/semi solid foods will do no harm as long as your baby is adequately hydrated.

So all you yummy mummies out there, go plan your ‘been-postponing-since-long vacation’ and surrender yourselves to the new sights and sounds with your baby. Once back to the city hustle bustle you will miss this freedom and so will your baby!

Image source: pixabay

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