4 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Gilmore Girls! {And Share If You’re A Fan Already!}

Here is why you should watch the TV series Gilmore Girls that aired for seven years. It will surely keep you hooked for so many reasons.

Here is why you should watch the TV series Gilmore Girls that aired for seven years. It will surely keep you hooked for so many reasons.

Indians for some reason have always been obsessed with the show, Friends. I am not talking about the Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad generation. I am talking about the generation which followed Friends faithfully and followed umpteen other sitcoms that had the same trope, hoping that the same magic gets recreated. Well, I was one of them. It was only recently, that I discovered Gilmore Girls.

It is a funny and heartwarming story about a mother and daughter. A mother too young and too much fun, to have a teenage daughter; a daughter who is a little too responsible that she makes you feel guilty about your own teenage.

The series centers on fiercely independent, single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her brilliant teenage daughter Rory Gilmore, who are more like best friends than mother-daughter. It revolves around their aspirations, careers, love and their relationships. Here are three reasons, why you should watch Gilmore Girls right now!

If you are a fan of pop culture, go for it!

The dialogue is infused with so many pop culture references – some of them went over my head. From expressing doubts on Hillary Clinton ever becoming a president (as early as 2006) or the scene where three generations of the Gilmore ladies bond over admiration for Will Smith or references to ‘Unabomber’ or the Tara farm in Gone with the Wind, the show’s creators must have had an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture. The show was also famous for its fast-paced dialogues. Lorelai and Rory tend to blabber when they panic, when they get excited, or just about any time.

(Rory checking out her new school uniform!)

So many quirky characters…

The story is set in a fairy-tale like small town in Connecticut, that is filled with quirky people– Lorelai’s best friend Sookie is a chef at an inn and is prone to burning dishes, herself and others around her. Jackson, the grocer for the inn is weirdly passionate about his fruits and vegetables. And there’s Kirk, the king of quirks – who switches jobs everyday, whichever catches his fancy that day. For the time I watched (more like binge-watched!) Gilmore Girls, I vicariously lived the small town life. It is a town where you can walk, to go anywhere; where everyone knows everyone and loves everyone (well, mostly everyone). It is a place, where you can not have any secrets because people are so curious about others and where you do not have a nightlife but town organized events like knit-a-thon, to raise money to build a bridge or a 48 hour dance marathon.

(Kirk, being himself)

It makes you miss your family!

(Spoiler Alert ) – When Rory graduates from Chilton as a valedictorian and talks about her mother in her speech, Lorelai and friends laugh, cry and talk through their tears. I, in my couch, was shedding big- fat -copious happy tears. When she does get admitted in to a great college and her grandparents unexpectedly kiss her on the cheeks together, I melted in to the liquid state and felt all gooey inside.

(Sookie and Lorelai at Rory’s graduation)

Watch it for the feminist in you!

It is one of the few feminist shows around. The women in the show are confident, successful and independent. It respects its women and is quite progressive. It has nothing that is offensive at all (Yeah, it is too good to be true! )

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Lauren Graham is stunning as Lorelai Gilmore. She makes you feel the delicate balance of giving your child freedom but also having rules in the house. Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore is the child every parent wishes they had.

P.S. Netflix has also released a Gilmore Girls revival and it is not very good – tad too long. Watch it only when you are longing for Gilmore Girls nostalgia and you will appreciate it more.

Image Source: Facebook/@GilmoreGirls

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