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I Am Just A Mom. Just A Human Being Trying To Do My Best

Posted: May 14, 2018

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Let’s stop with the deification of moms, shall we? This is for all of you saturated with the glut of saccharine Mother’s Day forwards.

I am just a MOM.
Not an embodiment of goodness.
Not a paragon of virtues to be put on a pedestal.

I am just a human being with my whims and fancies, trying my best to do justice to this role that God has assigned to me, while forgetting to give me the manual.
Yes, I fret, I fume, I worry and I hurry.
I scream, I shout, I sulk, I hurt. Moods really!
Because, there is always that voice that keeps messing up my brain, “Are you sure you are doing the right thing?” And I’m always shushing it and putting on a brave front.

So many alpha-moms around, who have figured it all.
I’m still the one wet behind the ears.
By the time I figure out the key to your childhood, You, my child, are already into adulthood.
Sometimes I feel utterly inadequate to cope with the pressures that this Virtual Reality puts on us moms.
We need to look spiffy without an ounce of fat
Rustle up lip-smacking food, throw the perfect birthday parties for you.
Plus know all about the world events while flaunting a benign smile.

I keep the night vigil, let you out into the vile, cruel world while I die a little, if you are late even by a second.
But I am learning to let go.
I am also learning to be selfish.
Putting my wants first, reaching out for the prime cuts and not settling for left-overs.

Because I matter! My ‘NO’ is non-negotiable.

As I said, I am just a mom, not a deity.
But my dear child, I will always love you to the moon and back. And if someone is stupid enough to trouble you, I’m the tigress unplugged.
And my epitaph shall read ‘She (s)mothered us’.

As I said, I am a mom, not God’s representative on Earth.

Image via Pixabay

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