5 Pregnancy Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Body For Birth

Want to make your pregnancy and childbirth a healthy and easier experience? Pregnancy yoga poses can really be helpful.

Want to make your pregnancy and childbirth a healthy and easier experience? Pregnancy yoga poses can really be helpful.

Be more aware of your bodily changes and feel more connected with your little one by adding pregnancy yoga to your fitness regime. Moreover, it relieves the pregnancy pains, stretches your body, increases flexibility and reduces stress. While I have some useful suggestions here, consult your doctor or prenatal expert to know the safe pregnancy yoga poses you can opt for.

Here are some of the the commonly practiced pregnancy yoga poses and their benefits.

Cat/Cow pose or Marjaryasana

This asana relieves lower back pain, which is often a problem for women during pregnancy.

How to: Kneel on your hands and knees, with your knees wide apart. Align your wrists with your shoulders and knees with your hips. Centre your head in neutral position, gazing downward. Now inhale, gazing up towards the ceiling and dropping your belly towards the mat (cow-pose). Then, exhale rounding your back towards the ceiling, gazing the floor, and drawing your belly towards the spine (cat-pose). Repeat this for 5-10 breaths.

Triangle pose or Trikonasana

This asana strengthens your muscles in the thighs, hips, and back, and tones the knees and ankle.

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How to: Stand with your feet, hip distance apart and arms by your side. Slowly start spreading your feet till they are 3.5 to 4 feet apart. Now, turn your right foot outwards at a 90 degree angle and keep your left foot slightly inward. Raise your arms outward on either side parallel to the floor. Start inhaling, and as you exhale bend your body from the hips, to the right placing your hand on the right shin. Bend till the line of your arms form 90-degrees with the floor and stretch as much as you can. Hold the position for several seconds while breathing in and out.

Sitting side stretch

There are many kinds of side stretches in Yoga, but this one of the simpler ones that helps to stretch your waist, pelvis as well as the hips, all of which can help during delivery.

How to: Sitting in a cross-legged position, place your right palm on the floor near your right hip. Start inhaling while raising your left arm out to the side and up above your head. Then, exhale and bend towards right. Slide your right hand across the floor as you bend and stay bent for 6-8 breaths. Return to upright position as you inhale.

Child’s pose or Balasana

This asana calms the brain, reducing stress and fatigue.

How to: Kneel on the ground, your big toes touching, and with the top of the feet against the floor. Widen your knees hip-width apart while pressing your hips back towards your heels. Slowly bring your chest towards the mat, aligning your body between your legs and rest your forehead on the mat. Lay your arms alongside with palms facing up. Inhale and hold the position for 5-to-10 breaths.

Standing Mountain Pose or Tadasana

This is a pregnancy yoga pose for all trimesters to perfects your posture, prevent neck strain and headaches.

How to: Spread your feet hip- width apart, toes pointed straight ahead and knees slightly bent. Bring your hands across the chest, palms joined near your heart. Inhale as you stretch your arms out and overhead, while bending back slightly. Exhale and stand upright, returning your hands to the heart-centre. Repeat for 10 full breaths.

Practice these poses to stay fit and relaxed during your pregnancy.

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