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Posted: March 25, 2018

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Have you always put off that attempt to get back to what you were? Here’s a timely reminder.

It was indeed a lazy summer afternoon. My little typhoon of five years fell asleep. It’s a miracle but I don’t know how it happened. It was not a serious attempt for me to put him to sleep though I prayed hard for it. And God listened! So my 10 year old daughter and I engaged in some girlie talk.

‘Maa I would like to become a scientist, but then I love hair dressing too…’ she started playing with her beautiful curly locks. I knew there was more to come… ‘what if I become an army officer like papa?’…I love history and want to become an historian and after that I will become an astronaut.’ She looked at me and wanted the assurance that I was hearing her with enough seriousness.

I nodded and said, “Be good at whatever course or career you choose, we will always be there for you.’’ Well, this egged her to probe more career options for the future. “Best is that I become an artist. I love art and painting. I need to go for art tuition from tomorrow.’’ This was a sudden change of plan and I had to act fast. I said her, “what if I take your art class?’’

She was quiet. I tried to guess her reaction. Finally I said…”well then you are not keen to learn from me?” “Yes I am. Maa, you were a journalist but hardly I see you write. I love to read the stories you wrote, but rarely you hold a pen now. Like my friends boast about their parents, I would also like to tell that my mother is a journalist, or a writer. I miss your unique stories..But…,”she fell quiet. But there was a question in her innocent looks. I was stumped.

Late at night when children went off to sleep, I took out my old diary, moved my fingers on the worn out pages where I once wrote stories. I almost felt the words. I remembered my daughter’s curious and puzzled looks in the afternoon which silently asked me “Why?”….

In the starry and stilly night, I got the answer. My pen moved .. “It was indeed a lazy summer….

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