Are You A 20 Something, Just Starting Out In Life? Here’s The Dope On What You MUST Know

New adult. Finished education. Stepping into a new phase of life. How do you craft your destiny? Here are 10 empowering life lessons you can adopt.

New adult. Finished education. Stepping into a new phase of life. How do you craft your destiny? Here are 10 empowering life lessons you can adopt.

The 20s are an important phase in everybody’s life. It’s the time when you actually get to know yourself and what you want out of your life. It’s the time in life when you are just out of college, or have landed your first job and started earning your own money. There is much freedom at our finger tips, but most of us are often short of the wisdom and experience required to take on the world alone.

Here are a few empowering life lessons for 20 somethings that I have learnt over my 20s. I hope you can relate to them. Enjoy reading.

Don’t get carried away with the freedom that comes with your 1st job   

This is the time when you are still in the process of knowing yourself. Often when we land our 1st job, we become so happy with the freedom and money that comes with it, that we forget to check ourselves, to improve and grow personally and professionally. If you don’t upgrade yourself with new skills, be it soft skills like interpersonal communication skills, or acquiring a new professional skill set which is required to progress to the next level in your career, you will soon be left behind and outdated.

Make yourself your first priority

Take good care of yourself. And this includes your physical, mental and spiritual health. Keep track of the direction you are progressing in each of these spheres in your life. These 3 spheres are like 3 solid basements to your personality. If you have them built strong enough, you can achieve whatever you desire in life. When you are faced with any adversity in your life, these are the personality traits that will keep you going.

Listen to your inner voice

Do things that you really want to do. It’s quite human that we all struggle to fit into the world around us, so that we are accepted by people and society. We all yearn for that sense of belonging. But don’t do it to the extent that you lose your balance in life.

Don’t say Yes to things when you want to say No. If something really matters to you, if you have a goal or passion in life that means the world to you, then do share it with your family and well-wishers, and they will always help you. Never ignore that inner voice, for its a mirror to your deepest desires.

Take action and chase that dream

If you have a dream, a vision, and if you are sure that this is what you want to do in your life, take action today. Right now. With Decipline, Determination and Dedication, combined with perseverence and good intentions, dreams are bound to turn into reality.

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Always remember that there is no shortcut to success; the only path to success is through action.

Make genuine friends who stay

This is one of the best time to make lifelong friends. When it comes to family and relatives, you don’t have a choice, you need to accept whatever you get. But you can always choose your friends.

For a marriage to work, both the spouses need to invest in it their time, trust, love and effort. In the same way for a friendship to work it requires time, love, effort and trust among friends. Be careful whom you consider as your friends, they may be your ill-wishers in disguise.

Don’t take others’ opinion of you seriously

In life, whatever you do or go after, there will always be people who will criticise and condemn. A person’s opinion of you is based on their current mental state. It has got nothing to do with you. Its upto you to recognise and accept good constructive opinions to improve yourself and become a better human being, and ignore the naysayers.

Experience life, not just live

Different stages in your life need some amendments to be made in your lifestyle to live happiness and blissfully. Don’t let your life become mundane, monotonous and mechanical by doing the same things daily. Spend time with your family and friends, travel places, develop new hobbies and interests in life. Try something new, acquire some new knowledge. Challenge and entertain your intellectual and spiritual side and of course don’t forget the child within.

Know that there are 2 versions of you, nourish the right one

Within each of us there is good and evil. At times there will be conflict between these 2 thought processes in our mind. It’s up to you to choose whom you want to nourish. Because what you entertain in your mind on a day to day basis is what becomes your character. It’s what becomes YOU.

Spend sometime daily to introspect and meditate on all good things in your life.

There’s no escape from life’s difficulties

Life is a combination of bliss and sorrow. Time and again, you will face new difficulties and challenges in life. At times you may feel like giving up. But hold on to that hope and always remember that there is a solution to every problem that life throws at you. Take action and do the best you can, and leave the rest to God. Have faith and keep going.

Forgive people, and yourself

Be it in work, family, friendships, or in taking some life decisions, we all make mistakes and so do others. Learn to forgive and set yourself free from the mental burden. We are all humans and we are all constantly growly, learning and amending ourselves through our mistakes to become a better person in future. So don’t hold any grudge against anyone who has hurt you, just forgive and give them another chance.

Do share your experiences and insights too, in the comments.

Image source: By Dell Inc. (Flickr: DWEN Conference 2012 – New Delhi) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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