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Grateful To Be Alive & Determined To Make 2018 Count, With These Resolutions!

Posted: December 22, 2017

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2017 is about to wind up and we stare at yet another happening year. What are your goals and resolutions for 2018?

Most often, this is the time we take stock of the year gone by, weigh the pluses and minuses, try to make amends by making a new year resolution list (which needless to say promptly goes into the recycle bin) But some things remain constant on my list. Here are some resolutions and hopes for 2018. Share yours in the comments below!

1. I am grateful to be alive with all my rickety faculties still functioning well. Hopefully, all the internal systems are okay too. To continue chugging along this road and to see another calendar, I have to keep walking. At least 2km per day. (What were you thinking?)

2. I am thankful for the way my children have blossomed, in spite of my (s)mothering tendencies. Their sanity balances my bubbling insanity. I am hoping that it would be the status quo forever.

3. I am thankful for my husband who lets me be – which I’m sure is a herculean task in itself – and still manages to smile on bravely. My dreams are his! May his smile grow broader next year!

4. I’m thankful for my parents’ Himalayan sagacity – they consider their errant daughter to be an eternal work in progress. Hence, they continue to dish out time-tested gyaan and diss me too at times, utterly vexed. I pray fervently that God always shines on them and they are with me through my life. Amen!

5. The time my fledglings flew away from the nest, was a trying and testing time for me. I’m grateful for the new direction that destiny has given me and hence, the poor unsuspecting world finds itself at the receiving end. I promise myself, to read, learn, imbibe and sharpen my nascent skills. It is a never-ending endeavour.

6. I have to control my flaring, nasty temper and the tendency to fly off the handle at the tiniest provocation. Also, I remember to not take my self too seriously. Always absorb from others and appreciate generously.  There is so much to take in.

7. My soaring midriff is my Achilles heel. Having tried much to flatten it, either I stay a pachyderm and flaunt a “I care a damn!’ attitude to the head-to-toe body scanners or work even harder. Either-ways it is a win-win situation. Remember, looks are skin deep. A vibrant brain is the sexiest organ you possess. Go ahead and flaunt that!

8. I hope to step out of my comfort zone and be brave enough to face any unforeseen tornados. Before my life becomes a file, I hope to fill it with many varied and enriching experiences.

9. Spend as much time as possible in the company of youngsters. Their fresh perspective and virginal thoughts are so bracing. An added benefit – this keeps me young and puts the spring back in my step. Also, surround myself with good support staff so that the domestic drivel will not be an impediment while I try charting out different courses.

Here’s wishing you all, a wonderful year ahead.

Be grateful for your mercies, pray for your blessings, contribute to the joys of others and be self-sufficient. Invest in new skills, and have a financial plan in place because life always gives you knocks.

Love yourself and live for others.

Let 2018 be supremely epic!

Top image via Unsplash

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