12 Truly Bizarre Things Women Have Been Judged For…’Cuz Woman!

Women are judged for the most bizarre reasons! Here are 12 truly ridiculous examples from real life.

We asked women what was the most bizarre thing they were judged for by other people on a post on our Facebook page. The responses bring out how ridiculous society is. Read on!

Being judged for being/not being, doing/not doing, wearing/not wearing, drinking/not drinking…something or anything is something that we’ve all unconsciously learned to live with, but it is important that we recognize and call out all those stupid and largely immaterial things that women are judged for.

Women are judged indeed for the most bizarre reasons! Here are 12 such things that women have been judged for, believe it or not!

For having curly hair…

Because it makes us look ‘stylist’ and men like ‘simple’ women. mutual eye rolls

“A guy said to me I look too “stylist”? because of my curly hair and that he likes women to be natural. I told the moron I was born with curly hair, and that he needs to improve his vocabulary among others areas of improvement.” – Tanvi Sinha

For not talking much and for talking ‘much’…

Please decide, omg!

“Doesn’t talk much…. Definitely has too much attitude” – Supriya Shahi

“For choosing silence over fight then termed as arrogant .
For being a topper in school termed as arrogant .
For being introvert and reserved and termed as arrogant and high headed!!all judgements by inlaws!!(daughter in laws are mostly judged with no valid reasons)” – Pinky Verma

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“For voicing what I believe in or what I know with conviction.” – Bhairavi KS

For going to an English medium school and speaking English

… and even doing the same but in Hindi, people really need to make their minds up.

“For studying in an English medium school” – Asmita Banerjee

“fr speaking in English..which according to me was natural..fr others ‘showing off her accent” – Soumyashree Bhattacharya

For talking about ‘manly’ matters… 

Like politics, technical topics… and basically everything that women have an interest in, similar to men.

“Someone asked me(since I am a housewife/homemaker) how do I know about politics and current affairs?!! Believe it or not!” – Malini Chaturvedi

“I was told that I was too independent by a guy who felt that I should stay out of political discussions, because politics was “a man’s game”. HA!” – Carolyn Mcfall

“If we talk technically related to engineering or electricity to people(electrician etc) look at us like we are just kidding.. Many times after I have explained myself or asked a few questions I have literally seen that eye popping that happens.. Ha ha” – Pradeepa Pillai

For being underweight…

because that somehow alters your chances of getting married?!

“How would you get married… You are underweight” ” – Swati Bhasin

For looking one’s head size… 

I don’t even know what to respond to that with. Wow.

“Head size 😛😛😛. My response was if u also use more of grey matter, you can also get it.” –  Nandita Sharma

For having an arranged marriage…

and even for having a love marriage. The sense of judgment is so strong that it even leads to the condoning of honour killing. Fascinating, truly.

“For having an arranged marriage.” – Bhairavi KS

For driving an SUV…

because clearly, inanimate objects, too, have gendered categories. God must be shaking his head up there, somewhere.

“for driving SUV” – Shweta Shah

For wearing a bright red lipstick…

because only married women can wear red lipstick like marriage makes your face immediately more suitable to red lipstick. Jeez

“Shade of lipstick 💄 Once some acquaintances from my hometown spotted me wearing a bright red lipstick during a puja and asked my mum if I had gotten married. When my flabbergasted mum asked the reason why they were asking such a question, they replied, “Well, after all, she was wearing a bright red lipstick.” Navanita Das

For not getting a nose piercing/wearing bindis/shaving legs…

the usual and the list will never end. No chance.

“not putting a bindi on my forehead (although, I do like bindis and wear ’em according to my mood, not as per the tradition), not getting my nose pierced and so on.” – Madhura Gurav

“A highly educated couple told me my legs are not clean cause I have hair on them.. while he is normal known to roam around society shirtless with just chest hair covering him..” – Himani Wyawahare

For knowing about ‘smart’ things like Quora and Bitcoin…

because only men have the right to be smart. I wonder why they don’t choose to be the same if it’s that manly?

“I was judged once for knowing what quora and bit coins are…” – Marisha Shukla

AND the most favourite thing of men,

For not smiling enough…

because duh, you are there to smile, pose and have the wind in your hair because you’re a woman and are supposedly born with all these aesthetics. (How I wish!)

” I don’t smile enough, Women’s Web” – Chinnu Sayooj

What are some other reasons that you were judged for? Hop on the ride and comment below!

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