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Does Your Toddler Give These Comical Responses To Your Requests? #MomDiaries

Do you have a toddler at home who drives you nuts with their way out skewed response to your mundane requests? Well, you're not alone!

Do you have a toddler at home who drives you nuts with their way out skewed response to your mundane requests? Well, you’re not alone!

A toddler’s mother multi tasks, she’s constantly battling time and is positively sleep deprived. She has more clothes with food stains than not. Her heels do not get enough action and her nails wail for a manicure. To add insult to injury, her toddler’s response to her daily requests can range from the opposite to exaggerated opposite of what is desired. Here are a few examples of requests a mother makes and the responses that may be expected from a toddler.

Mom’s requests in bold. Oh, and when I say toddler, it could be any pre-schooler too!

Chalo, chalo, eat your dinner!

Toddler’s responses

Play catch with the chicken served, as playtime has just begun.

Ask for cookies and chips as that is what dinner should be obviously.

Run to the toy room and serve pretend dinner to toys and scold then for not finishing their food.

C’mom, wear your clothes!

Toddler’s responses

Put the underwear on his/ her head, run like a headless chicken and bang the head, then cry incessantly resulting in the mother dressing up the toddler.

Jump on the bed pretending it’s a trampoline.

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Time for lollipops and candy, get a sugar rush and run in the house naked.

Hurry up, we are late for school.

Toddler’s responses

Rush to the loo for a poop and play with the water jet as there is ample time for fun and frolic.

Start packing candy for the 15 friends in school and then go for a poop.

Begin storytelling or informing the mother about a so called important incident that occurred in school 3 months back.

Time for homework!

Toddler’s responses

Pick the iPad and start playing on favorite app, begging for 10 minutes more every 10 minutes.

Get hunger pangs and beg for gourmet snacks and mercy combined.

Develop a serious stomach ache and curl up in bed with favorite toy.

We can’t buy this, baby. It’s too expensive.

Toddler’s responses

It’s tantrum time! Time to sob, cry, wail and repeat. If the devil strikes then lie on the floor and attract attention from strangers.

Give puppy eyed look and start to beg. Say please a 100 times and make promises about never asking for any gift ever again.

Pick the item from the aisle and place it on payment counter with the other items expecting payment.

Time for bed!

Toddler’s responses

Switch the television on to watch cartoons.

Run to Dad proclaiming love for him and begin playing head bang or catch.

Ask questions that need long elaborate explanations like how come god is everywhere or tricky ones about the birds, bees and educated flees.

So, in effect there tends to be a serious gap in communication with a toddler. Simple requests can lead to elaborate disruptive behavior which may lead to a tornado.

Communicating with a toddler can cause serious headaches, but their unfettered enthusiasm can be amusing and even rub on you. And when they do finally go to sleep, that little bundle is the most innocent and attractive thing in the house and you marvel that you had a role in its creation. At that point you thank god and the circus begins again the next day!

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Image source: pixabay

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