Thanks Ma For Teaching Me A Life Skill That Was Invaluable For Becoming An Award Winning Food Blogger!

A life skill learnt in childhood - cooking - helped her to become an award winning food blogger when she quit work after her baby was born.

A life skill learnt in childhood – cooking – helped her to become an award winning food blogger when she quit work after her baby was born.

Dear Ma,

Sending this picture postcard to you from New York seems like a dream. This journey has been no lesser than a dream, a dream that you made me realize.

I remember those Sunday mornings when you forced me and Bhaiya to help you with the kitchen chores for an hour. Kneading the dough, making the salad or Raita, chopping the vegetables, cleaning the kitchen cabinets- you always had a task for us after we finished watching the cartoon shows on television. “Girls do such work,” Bhaiya used to grumble. But he was afraid of your stern looks and the poor kid had no choice. Once I had overheard Dadi and Papa scolding you for making Bhaiya do those chores.

“It is a life skill and I want both the kids to learn it.” You were stubborn as always. And you ensured that we learnt other life skills too- sewing, swimming, cycling, driving, and even Kung Fu. Honestly, I hated you at times for making us do those activities after school and homework.

You weren’t too happy when Papa started looking out for suitable boys after my twenty-fifth birthday.

“Let her focus on her career for a few years,” you insisted. However, you couldn’t resist further after meeting Harsh. He is good at heart but inept at some of the life skills you taught us. Embracing motherhood meant leaving my job to look after Piya. You were my rock during those trying times. I will never forget the night when you consoled me with your wise words, after I cried out of exhaustion. To the outside world, I was a happy wife and a mother. Only you knew about my pain of leaving my identity as an individual.

“Opportunities never cease to exist,” you told, hugging your daughter tight.

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I never thought that a skill learnt during those Sunday afternoons would open up new opportunities for me. That skill helped Bhaiya to become a responsible husband and a hands-on father. I was always a good cook, at least better than him; cooking for my friends, Harsh, his family, and his colleagues. But you introduced a new dimension to my culinary skills. Your persistent nudges led me to start my blog, share recipes, make cooking videos, and even join classes to hone my skills. I struggled and stumbled but you didn’t give up on me. When I receive the ‘Best Food Blogger of the Year’ award today, you can tell Papa confidently that both of your kids can cook now!

Thanks Ma. This award is for you.



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