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Our Safety Tax Infographic Shows You The Hidden Costs Of Being A Woman

Posted: September 16, 2017

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Apart from paying taxes for ‘luxuries’ like tampons and sanitary napkins, women are also compelled to pay a safety tax. Read and find out!

Being a woman is a tough task on most days, and being one in this society with all its pressures and expectations is just a pain (along with the literal pain of menstruating every month).

Now in addition to all these different types of costs that we pay, there is a literal monetary cost that comes with being a woman: the cost of being safe! We are compelled to spend a certain amount of money, in order to feel safe from the ever growing list of crimes against women. The keyword being ‘feel’, because this ‘tax’ may not be able to help you at all against the harassers and perverts out there.

We, at Women’s Web, did a quick check on just a few of the things we spend on to maintain our safety. Have a look!



What is most infuriating and illogical is the fact that, in spite of all the problems that women face and the extra spending that they have to do, they are paid lesser than their male counterparts. Not to mention the ‘pinkification’ of products where the same razor for example costs more when it becomes a women’s razor, just becomes it comes in pretty pink!

The whole situation is obviously a bad deal for ourselves, where income is lesser than the expenditure. Why do we have to pay a cost for so many aspects of our lives while the men who do this remain at liberty like usual?

Let us know in the comments – what are the things that you spend on in order to make yourself feel safer? How much do you think it ends up adding to your expenses?

Top image via Unsplash

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