Don’t Consider Me A ‘Useless Housewife’. I May Not Be Perfect But Parts Of Me Are Pretty Awesome!

A housewife is considered to be an uninformed person, often of no real use to the world outside home, by others. Not so, says this writer.

A housewife is considered to be an uninformed person, often of no real use to the world outside home, by others. Not so, says this writer.

Why are all ‘housewives’ portrayed as dumb creatures who only love shopping and sales? All non-working women are treated as someone doing nothing good for society and only looking after their families (that also not so perfectly according to men).

So tell me this – Are only women stepping out of home praise worthy enough and deserving of respect? What about those who work round the clock, serving a platter of love and care, and of course their time to you? Our mothers and grandmothers who were not working but actually worked a lot, gave us something as precious as their time which in turn helped us to become what we are today. They showed their intelligence in their sense of bringing up the whole big family together which we call team-work today.

These days India has a huge number of professional-degree-holder married women who are staying at home due to numerous reasons. Sometimes the unfeasibility of location, at times motherhood, at times aging parents, and many times it’s just the situation which detains them from wearing this badge of a working woman, but it makes them no less. Every person has a set of strengths which he/ she may possess unknowingly. So not every housewife is a shopaholic; some prefer books over bags.

There are many things you can do to create your identity and also earn, if you are a homemaker. Take a look at these – and see what you have a talent for, what suits you best.

Content writer

Writing is something as relaxing as a sound sleep. You write down whatever you love. Your fantasies, fear, books reviews, movie reviews or love stories whatever you write can work wonders for you. You can do freelancing or can find a job with many companies looking for content writers. Keep your writing lucid and simple and it will earn you both money and self-gratification.

Graphic designing

If you are an art lover and quirky quotes pop up in your mind then this is something best for you. Download the latest software (ask Google uncle about that) and invest a couple of weeks in learning the nitty-gritty’s of this. Once you start designing you will discover more on the job, and will eventually become good at this. Start sending your proposed designs to firms and see the magic.

Food blogger

Are you the one holy soul who was loved by hostel mates for your free-ki-advice over what kind of food offers the best of energy and vitamins? Use your knowledge of science and write down about food, good for body and mind. Do your research properly and give tips on do and don’ts of eating. If you are good at cooking and love to feed low carb food to your friends and family then upload videos of your recipe and earn pleasure.

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Choreographer/Dance instructor

I have a friend who tapped feet even with soft music and danced like a rock star. Recently I saw her shaking legs over hit Bollywood numbers in an online video. This can be definitely you. Unleash the dancer in you and upload videos offering dance learning tips. YouTube is waiting for your talented spirit.


The most noble and sorted out profession. You don’t need to step out of your cocoon and your home can be the place of shaping future. Start coaching classes of subjects you are good at, with kids living in your society. One can do word of mouth publicity or distribute pamphlets regarding your coaching classes. Give your best and in less than no time you will attract both students and money.

Everybody has a creative side which needs to be unleashed. Working is not always about bringing in bucks but it is more about growing and learning with every step in your life. Learning is a continuous process and needs only one basic ingredient – your determination. Engage yourself and explore yourself. All the best from a housewife.

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