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The 5 Types Of Professors Every College Student In India Knows!

College is fun, good, bad, terrible...everything you can make of it. In such a place, all of us must have come across these 5 types of professors.

College is fun, good, bad, terrible…everything you can make of it. In such a place, all of us must have come across these 5 types of professors.

Three years of college teaches us more about life than a decade and a half of schooling. Unforgettable laughter, unattended lectures, unrequited love sums up college life for most of us. But, this does not mean we will forget our ‘beloved’ professors.

From the ones who did not allow us to enter the class even if we are late by just five minutes to the ones who cancelled our attendance for ‘disturbing’ the class; how can we forget them? Here’s to the ones who also made the classroom memorable in their own way.

Rajdhani express

The professor who’s speed of dictating notes could give the Rajdhani Express a run for its money.



That one professor who scolds in the most sarcastic and subtle way.

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Let me make it easy for you…

The professor who in order to make things easy ends up making the course complex.

Laugh…please laugh!

Who can forget the professor whose laugh is funnier than the joke?

Remember his name?

The one professor whose real name everyone has forgotten as his nickname is more popularly known…


These are just a few of my favourites! I hope you could at least relate to one of the above…feel free to share yours!



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