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Shwetha Samrat: This Rising Entrepreneur Helps Small Firms Tackle Digital Marketing

Shwetha Samrat, an entrepreneur in the Digital Marketing space, shares how she is building her business by focusing on SMBs, an under-served segment.

Shwetha Samrat, an entrepreneur in the Digital Marketing space, shares how she is building her business by focusing on SMBs, an under-served segment.

Before starting Digital Samrat with Gireesh Samrat in October 2016, Shwetha Samrat was working in the corporate domain for 7 years as a Business Analyst and subsequently for 2 years as an independent social media consultant. She then embarked on her journey as a social media entrepreneur, with a focus towards helping small and medium sized businesses.

As Shwetha puts it, “There are very few agencies serving small budget clients. So I wanted to serve that category. With the digital scene emerging rapidly in our country, it is has become crucial for firms to make their presence felt on the web. As a lay person, the first thing we do to check the legitimacy of any product/service/firm, we Google it. It’s almost as natural as breathing in these technologically advanced days. Which is where the importance of Digital Marketing comes in.” Digital Samrat provides the services of complete digital marketing, native app development, custom website/e-commerce and brand design to businesses.

“Network is your net worth”

When talking about the motivations behind her Digital Samrat, Shwetha lists three major factors, and quite honestly: money, freedom of time and helping other small businesses grow. She says “Our biggest happiness is when we see a smile and happiness on our client’s face by making him/her achieve his/her business objective. Everytime when a client renews his contract with us is a high moment and an opportunity to serve him more better.”

Since this venture is just about a year old, Shweta mentions that the key challenges that she faced were convincing clients about the importance of digital marketing, recruiting people and convincing clients about the quality of their work when they simply compared their prices to others. But challenges don’t come without learnings. Shweta adds that the five mantras that she has learnt in this short period have already paved a long way for her to go.

According to Shweta, these mantras are:

  • Most important one is, never go behind money – instead help your clients achieve their objectives and money will follow.
  • Marketing oneself effectively and convincing people of your services is important.
  • I also learnt that ‘network is your net worth’. To excel in this area, networking truly is the key to success.
  • Upgrading my knowledge through webinars and training too has helped me keep ahead of competitors. One has to be abreast of the latest industry trends and ideas. I learnt how to deliver results by researching on expert blogs and following thought leaders in the industry.
  • Feedback from clients is critical and helps in taking the service content and quality a notch higher on a continuous basis.

Apart from working on the firm, she also “mentors start-ups and SMEs in managing their brand image on social media through innovative, personalised and practical workshops”.

Dreaming big

With a fair amount of success in a short period of time, Shwetha has big hopes for the future and is not afraid to dream big. She says that her 3 dreams are to be one of the ‘Go-to’ brands for Digital Marketing in India by 2020, to create 500 job opportunities by 2020 and to work for fortune 500 companies as well.

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Shwetha Samrat is an extremely ambitious entrepreneur who is emerging and aiming for the sky. In the competitive Digital Marketing space, it is great to see more women making a mark!



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