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Priyanka Chopra Attacked For Wearing A Tricolour Dupatta With Western Clothes On Independence Day

Instead of taking pride in Priyanka Chopra's global achievements, all some trolls can see is her choice of attire!

Instead of taking pride in Priyanka Chopra’s global achievements, all some trolls can see is her choice of attire!

Sometimes, I feel like internet trolls wake up in the morning with the very intention of going through every piece of news or social media post, no matter how trivial, just to find an outlet to vent their pent-up frustrations.

Their latest target has once again been Priyanka Chopra; this time for wearing a tricolour dupatta with a tank top and jeans and posting it on Independence Day.

Yes, you heard it right. She wasn’t disrespecting our National Flag (as has been the complaint of a lot of trolls) in any way. Anyone can wear a tricolour piece of clothing. In fact, a lot of us also tend to do so on Independence Day. Her dupatta didn’t contain the Ashok Chakra, then how does it represent our flag?

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Why this trolling you ask? Well, maybe because she is a celebrity and as I said in the opening statement, maybe because trolls seriously need to reevaluate their lives’ purposes. These are some of the comments she received for this innocuous post.

“Hey show some respect to our country flag ..”

“This is so controversial account.. @instagram please delete this account”

“Priyanka chopra n people like u r disgrace for our nation”

“@priyankachopra ur post always make people fight with each other unlike other celebrity posts.. cant u have publicity in some other way?”

“thts what she wants …even she has to disrespect d country she l do to get publicity”

Though there were a lot of people who pointed out the stupidity of these haters’ logic, yet the point that such a trivial thing can ignite such a controversy is what befuddles me!

Whenever a woman is concerned, our society becomes even more judgmental as to what she is wearing, because some people even pointed out that she should at least wear the dupatta with traditional Indian attire such as a salwar kameez or a sari for this ‘auspicious occasion’ and not with the tank top and jeans.

Priyanka isn’t new to such cyber bullying. A few weeks back, trolls were angry with her for meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin while wearing a dress that revealed her legs. According to those haters, her dress was disrespectful and not appropriate for meeting the PM or any elderly person!

Priyanka, posted a sassy reply to all those trolls in the form of the picture below, with the caption “Legs for days…. #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin #beingbaywatch

It is quite possible that she makes another such comeback this time around, as well!

Priyanka is a part of many Hollywood projects such as ‘Isn’t It Romantic?’ and  ‘A Kid Like Jake’ after appearing on ‘Baywatch’ this year. She will also feature in the third season of her hit thriller series, Quantico.

Along with her projects abroad, she is also about to announce her next Bollywood project soon. And instead of looking at her achievements and how she is representing the country on a global scale, all some people can see is how to make her ashamed for her choice of attire!

Top image via Instagram

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