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“I Am My Own Muse. I Inspire Myself”: Maitabi Banerjee, Author Of The Month, August 2017

Maitabi Banerjee has immense confidence in herself, and it shows in her assured writing. Meet one of the 3 Featured Authors on Women's Web, this August 2017.

Maitabi Banerjee has immense confidence in herself, and it shows in her assured writing. Meet one of the 3 Featured Authors on Women’s Web, this August 2017. 

Women’s Web is a collection of very diverse voices, of Indian women (and a few men too), from around the globe. Every month, we feature 3 of our community members here, authors who have made a difference.

In August 2017, one of our Authors of the Month is Maitabi Banerjee. An avid reader, as well as someone who loves to review what she reads, Maitabi is great at bringing across the flavour of the book to her audience in simple language. Besides book blogging, she also blogs on the issues she sees around her everyday. You can view Maitabi’s writing here at Women’s Web, and on her own blog too.

Authors are often asked this question, but everyone has their own reasons, very personal to them. So, why do you write?

I write because I love to write. Well, that’s a cliche I guess. Honestly, I write because this is the only way I can express those unspoken words and emotions buried inside me. It makes me happy, satisfied and loved.

When and how did you first begin writing?

I began writing way back when I was in school. I loved everything about literature, poetry, reading, writing. And all these became even more prominent when I did my graduation in English and then Masters in Mass comm.

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I am my own muse. I inspire myself. I think no one else can. Everything, good or bad begins within you. Until you want, you believe nothing can act as a propeller or catalyst. With all the varied experiences I have, I think am complete in many ways!

Where do you get your ideas from? 

Everything that is mentioned above. There is a story behind every smile, every tear, every pat on your back, every frown, I mean everything. You just need to look deep and bring that out. I get ideas from a simple hug that my kids give, a thanks from a friend, a simple conversation with my maid, a gossip with my mom, after a walk with my hubby, and most importantly my own experiences, which are essentially mine.

When it comes to writing on/for/about women, what questions and issues drive you the most?

The need for acceptance, Dignity, Non-judgement and Respect.

Anything you’d like to tell others who would want to write?

Just Write! Pour yourself out. Nothing is more gratifying, trust me!

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