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5 Baby Gadgets For The Hassled High Tech Parent. Is This The Future Of Parenting?

Posted: August 20, 2017

Baby gadgets are now available – apps, devices, and what have you – to assist time stressed parents, and are catching on in tech oriented societies.

Parenting is a bliss, perhaps the most exciting experience. Nevertheless, it is fairly tough to build a bond that lasts lifetime. Baby care is challenging — encompassing breastfeeding, nursing and  nurturing the newborn, sleep, diapering and monitoring the child’s growth and development, and keeping an overall track of his/her well being. It can be certainly a difficult thing to do, especially for busy parents where both work outside home, and childcare duties might need to be outsourced.

There is a glut of apps, baby gadgets, and smart devices for the young toddlers —tracking down their needs, moods, diaper changes and feeding. Smart bottle feeding. Tender tots under camera and sensors with logs of feeds, naps, and moods. Bluetooth, onesies, smart diapers, i-potties, and baby screens in lieu of cradles and constant attention.

These high tech baby gadgets can help parents look after their kids and make the nitty-gritties of parenting easy.

But are those data and records relevant? Is this safe technology for the little angels — all these need to be evaluated.

Here are the top 5 baby gadgets today


Hypoallergenic, pastel-green coloured sock to be worn on the baby’s left foot. It uses pulse oximetry, a technique to measure the oxygen and heart levels  of the baby and transmits the readings to the connected phone. If it tracks high or low breathing and heart rate, it immediately sends an alert to the connected devices. Owlet fits for newborns to 18 months old.

Baby Feed App

Excellent baby tracker app that tracks the baby’s feeds, sleep, nappies, baths, inoculations, and pees. The app gives a analyzed data about the infant’s activity and helps you  deal accordingly.

Smart Onesie

Ensures both the parents and baby sleep soundly. The dress is made up  of soft cotton with respiration sensors at the top. These sensor monitor sleeping session of the baby and divides it into periods of active sleep, quiet sleep, wakefulness. It notifies you when the baby wakes up, temperature, postures and other activities of the little one. The information is processed and sent via bluetooth to the Lilypad, which further transmits the data to the connected phone/device.

Smart Diapers

Nappies that examine the child’s urine and detects urinary infections on the basis of bacteria and pH level of urine. These diapers have chemically treated tabs on them which reflect color changes if they are any infections. The parent can analyse this data and consult a  doctor if needed.

Controlled Milk Bottle

This bottle regulates the feeding timing of the baby. It keeps in check how fast the baby is feeding, and what quantity, how to hold the bottle correctly, avoid air bubbles in the bottle.

Welcome to the world of ‘Digi-Parenting’.

Image source: pixabay

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