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“Women Can’t..”: Are You Sure You Want To Complete That Sentence?

Posted: July 26, 2017

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For centuries we have been told what women can and what women can’t. Let’s take a reality check, shall we?

Honestly, women have had enough with the society dictating to them about the things they are capable of. Surely  am more capable of describing my abilities than the whole world where nobody gives two hoots about me and my life, don’t you agree?

Now all those people who think that women are faint hearted and can’t stand gruesome scenes…let me just remind you that we menstruate for at least 5 days every month for more than half of our lives. So yeah, there’s a lot of blood. If that isn’t enough to prove how hardcore women are, nothing is. We are, literally, born with it. smirks

Besides the fact that we can deal with all that blood, most women don’t miss their usual workdays during this time, just casually dealing with all that drama without a frown. So, dear men, can you work while bleeding and extreme levels of cramps for 5 consecutive days? I hope you get the message.

Let’s not even get started about producing another human from their bellies after carrying them for 9 months. Pregnancy is hard, and the delivery can be as painful as fracturing multiple bones at once. That’s a lot of tolerance towards pain. Please note.

And these two are just biological facts that are true for many woman. So many women out there are housewives, working moms, entrepreneurs and what not. They handle the office with the home like a pro. Not that they should, but they do, thanks to all the bullshit that is said to us since our first breath about being an ideal daughter and sister and wife and mother and homemaker and.. phew. The list never ends. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So yes, Women can do all that but there’s one thing Women can’t and won’t, i.e., handle patriarchy’s bullshit.

Now go watch this video which says it even better!

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