A Period Friendly Workplace — Yes Please!

Posted: July 30, 2017

Apart from the period leave proposal, what else can be done to make the workplace period friendly? Read what #WomenOnTheMove had to say.

Menstruation is a biological process that women deal with for almost all their lives. Yet the apathy and the archaic taboos that accompany this routine part of female life is jarring.

Recently, a Mumbai based firm has brought the argument of period leave to the forefront. The proposal has received mixed reactions from women – while some have welcomed the move others like noted journalist Barkha Dutt have explicitly criticised the move.

Our weekly #WomenOnTheMove chat got the Twitterati talking on other than the period leave argument, what else can be done to make not only the work place but also schools and colleges more period friendly. Here’s what they said.

Availability of rest-rooms

It is true that some women do not face any discomfort during menstruation, but there are many for whom menstrual cramps or Dysmenorrhea is quite debilitating. A place to rest for a while on those days will surely be a welcome move and will definitely have a positive impact on their work output.

Access to toilets with menstruation supplies and provision for easy disposal

Many women and girls, especially in the un-organised sector do not have access to toilets. Also, menstruation supplies in schools, colleges and work places is almost non-existant in India.

Educating both boys and girls about menstruation

It is alarming to see that although it is 2017, the taboos surrounding menstruation just refuse to go away. The only way to eradicate ignorance is through education and that includes both girls and boys.

Flexible work timings

Work from home option and flexible work timings are a good way to go easy yet be productive for women who experience discomfort during menstruation.

Compassionate bosses

Conducting wellness sessions at work

Adopting a 3-dimensional approach that works in tandem


Image: Pixabay

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