Legs Are Not Related To Respect And It’s High Time That We Came To The Realisation

When actor Priyanka Chopra met PM Narendra Modi, the only thing some people could think about are Priyanka’s, very visible, legs in front of the PM. Oh, what blasphemy!

Recently, Actress Priyanka Chopra and PM Narendra Modi met in Berlin as a co-incidence. Priyanka is touring Berlin for the promotion of her Hollywood debut movie, Baywatch. While the PM is on a six-day Europe tour.

The issue at hand is that Priyanka Chopra was photographed wearing a knee-length dress, with her legs crossed, sitting across the PM. Now most people including myself, don’t really see the issue in the previous statement. However, Priyanka Chopra was shamed by some Indians for wearing a dress which renders her legs visible in front of the PM. According to them, she “should not forget the Indian Culture” , “Atleast wear decent clothes in front of Elders” and her “seat position infront of him” (sic) was offensive and disrespectful. Is it just me or do you also realise that these statements are alarmingly ridiculous?

When a normal person sees that picture, they see a beautiful and succesful woman sitting across an important man. And that is all it is! I mean, it’s the 21st century. Why are visible legs such a big deal? I think all these people see is a woman showing her skin which they highly sexualise and then deemed ‘disrespectful’ as if her legs went ahead and yelled profanities onto the cameras. High time that we got rid of the misogynist discourse which directly relates respect to the length of one’s garment.

And what exactly is wrong with her ‘sitting position’? Infact, she is sitting like a lady, as it has been impressed upon every girl, to sit a certain way. She is doing exactly that! Why, then, is that a problem too, now? Is it because her visible legs make her less of a lady? I hope they realise that before being a lady or a man, she is a human being and according to biology, every human has legs. And yes, they don’t emit negativity when they are visible unlike the comments these trolls leave.

In reply to these absolutely rubbish comments, Priyanka Chopra posted another picture on her instagram account with her mother, both showing off their legs and she captioned it “Legs for days….#itsthegenes”. Her reaction is exactly the clap back, that was required.

To those trolls, I’d like to say, sometimes, no – every time it’s better to actually exercise your brain before going on a rampage of nonsensical comments with that horrid grammar, no offence.

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