10 Times Feminism On Tumblr Refused To Take Any Bullshit!

Do check out these instances and more of feminism on Tumblr - they will really make you rethink feminism.

Do check out these instances and more of feminism on Tumblr – they will really make you rethink feminism. 

I love using Tumblr. It is a wonderful platform that users might often call a hellsite, and in some ways, it really is. It has bad puns, technical issues, cringeworthy memes and the biggest SIN of the internet…wait for it…feminism. Gasp!

Yes, that’s right. Tumblr users can be very feminist. Here are 10 posts that I thought were excellent examples of feminism on Tumblr.

This PSA about writing female characters


Source: grimspyslayer.tumblr.com

This epiphany about the female characters we do have


Source: sapphicscience.tumblr.com

This observation on how Disney’s Moana was feminist


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Source: haydenrodgers.tumblr.com

This wake-up call for people who blame the setting of their story for the lack of representation


Source: lindira.tumblr.com

This call for representation in media


Source: lycisce.tumblr.com

This incredulous call-out to writers who just don’t believe in representation


Source: fandomsandfeminism.tumblr.com

This point about cutting off your nose to spite your face


Source: keepursulafat.tumblr.com

This person who has no chill and will take no nonsense


Source: jonathantoewsed.tumblr.com

This perfect sarcasm to throw at that annoying male creep


Source: ailaalue.tumblr.com

This conversation with one of the most mature boys ever


Source: lokisadvocate.tumblr.com

Image source: pixabay

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