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Woman, You Are Beautiful! Why We Need To Rethink What Beauty Means

Posted: November 21, 2016

A healthy and positive body image not only keeps your confidence high but also makes you feel better about yourself. Here we revisit the messages from our recent #WomenOnTheMove chat.

Body image – is the way we see ourselves and imagine how we look. Whether we feel good about our bodies or bad, is largely if not completely, also dependent on others’ perception about us. If people have positive thoughts about us then we too feel good about ourselves but if people have negative perceptions then with time, we too start forming poor opinions about ourselves.

Negative body image has often been linked to a number of mental and emotional problems, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders. ‘Self-acceptance’ is important in developing a healthy and positive body image. Body acceptance helps us acknowledge our limitations and accept our bodies despite the imperfections. Self-acceptance means being kind to ourselves, treating ourselves with respect and knowing that the imperfections make us ‘US’. A positive body image helps us feel strong, able, attractive and in control.

Earlier this week, we had our weekly #WomenOnTheMove chat on Twitter on Body Image, where we were joined by Author Deesha Sangani, who shared her own journey to self-acceptance as well. Check out Deesha’s journey on body acceptance in her book 90 steps towards beginning of a journey.

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What makes you feel good about yourself?


How do you deal with body shaming?


Set realistic goals that matter to you


See someone struggling with negative body image, help them!


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