Free You, Happy You! [#Poetry]

Posted: September 19, 2016

She dreams of a free woman, free to be whoever she wants to be, and hopes that one day, she will attain the place of that woman in her dreams!

To the woman in my dreams

To the one, I want to be

I strive hard to come near you

But fail miserably in an attempt or two!

Handling situations

And fighting the odds with grace

Accepting things beyond my control

Make peace and be ace!

To love with compassion

And have the wisdom to fathom the world

To indulge in things and people

Living the life of inspiration is waiting to be unfurled!

To the long strides, I take

And the dream to take that perfect gait.

My head high and shoulders straight

Sparkling eyes, as I walk with aplomb.

To create magic in the words

I dream to stand out from the herd

Nothing in the world

Can stop inside that flying bird!

Yes, it’s a task

A journey through life

But I assure to meet you

One day, some day!


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Image source: pexels

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