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9 Easy Fruit Recipes To Make The Best Use Of Ripe Fruits In Season

Wondering how to finish eating all the ripe fruits at home before they get spoiled? Here are some interesting easy fruit recipes to consume the same.

Wondering how to finish eating all the ripe fruits at home before they get spoiled? Here are some interesting easy fruit recipes to consume the same.

Eating a fruit as it is without transforming its state is the best form of having one. Although sometimes we end up with too many fruits at home or all the fruits decide to get ripe simultaneously, which is when it becomes difficult to consume them all at once.

Juicing can be a good way to consume lots of fruits quickly, but then sometimes we do need other choices, don’t we? Exploring an ingredient in different forms makes it exciting to eat/drink and is also a good way to introduce a variety in regular diet with the same basic ingredients.

Also, some fruits are very seasonal and it is best to indulge in them in as many forms as possible before they go off the market. That is the reason behind the numerous mango recipes, including preserves such as pickles, squash, bread spreads, ice-creams, jams, etc.

Fruits are the most easily available super foods that can be consumed raw, and they form a good and light snack between meals. Below are some ripe fruit recipes in two versions – one type make for an elaborate dish, and the other for basic, less time consuming, yet interesting type. Whatever you choose to do with fruits, the end result is always wonderful!

Ripe papaya icecream with coconut milk

This simple fruit recipe with minimal ingredients makes for a delightful dessert. The recipe is a vegan version and can be consumed by all without any concern. Next time when you want to head out to the nearest ice cream parlour to have a fruit flavoured ice cream, be sure to check if you have a big ripe papaya sitting at home!


Ripe jackfruit preserve

Jackfruit has a very distinct flavour and can be enjoyed in both savory and sweet forms. Even the seeds of jackfruit are used to make a curry that goes well with rotis or rice. The recipe here, a Kerala delight, concentrates on making a preserve/jam with ripe jackfruit. This preserve, when cooked properly, stays for months and can be added to kheer/payasam, or can be used as a spread for dosas, rotis or bread.

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Try this preserve instead of regular store bought jams for a change!


Ripe muskmelon lollies

Now this fruit recipe with ripe muskmelon is super easy and will become your kid’s favourite instantly. It is also a good way to add variety to the table when you are hosting a playdate for kids. The satiating experience of having an ice candy and the goodness of fruit can be fulfilled simultaneously.


Ripe mosambi cake

Cake with a sweet lime base is utterly fragrant and acts as a perfect tea time cake. Mosambi juice is otherwise the most popular way to consume the fruit. Instead of baking a chocolate cake yet another time, go for this light, fluffy and flavourful cake, made with both rind and sweet lime juice.


Ripe guava cheese

Guavas are tricky fruits. When you find them in a state that you love them, you just have to grab them and finish eating, otherwise their shelf life is limited. I like to eat a guava when it is between hard and semi-ripe form – a little more than semi-ripe and I don’t feel like taking a bite! That’s the state when it is little mushy and the seeds become bigger and harder.

This fruit recipe works when you have such (over) ripe ones lying around. The only tedious part in the recipe is when you try to get the seeds out but to me that is better than munching on a lot of over ripe guavas!


Here are also some quick fruit recipes to consume a variety of fruits, sometimes together. 

Fruit sandwich

This must be the simplest of sandwich recipes! Cut fruits layered in between bread slices, and you can even eat it on the way to office. This also forms a good fruit recipe for a kids’ school lunchbox.



In this fruit recipe, cut fruits are made heavenly with the addition of jaggery and honey and even more flavourful with some elaichi powder. If you have kids who are fussy and refuse to drink milk or eat curd then this calcium rich recipe for kids is a good way to sneak in some milk and curd too, making it dairy rich.


Kashmiri pulao

When many fruits are lying around, maybe you should opt for a fruit based pulao rather than the regular veggie pulao. I was not sure about having fruits in a pulao until I tasted this a few years back and loved it instantly.


Fruity curd rice

Curd rice becomes a comforting meal when you don’t have enough time for cooking. It can be had with few veggies like thinly sliced onions, grated carrot, etc. or with a fruit base with fruits such as apples, pomegranate, grapes, banana, mango, etc. In fact, curd rice with banana and mango is a common food among babies’ first foods in southern India.


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