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How Do I Make My Travel Worthwhile? Why, Indeed, Should We Travel?

Have you given up travelling for hectic schedules and monotonous itineraries? Time to think about why we should travel!

Have you given up travelling for hectic schedules and monotonous itineraries? Time to think about why we should travel!

Sometimes I feel that ‘travel more, eat more and sleep more’ should be my only mantra in life! What else does a happy life need anyway? Of course, money to take care of the first two if not very much of the last.

However, there are many questions I keep asking myself – do I like mountains or the beach? I do not know exactly why but I hear this question quite often and most of them seem to stuck with it. And on an average every person likes one more than the other. I wonder if it is just me? Unable to decide – the beach or the mountains?

Then I think maybe I should travel not based on the kind of terrain but the kind of food. However, who will travel to Italy just to have some pasta or tiramasu? It sounds a bit random to do so, while the other way sounds normal – that when you go to Italy you don’t forget to taste their delicacies. Now that reason might make Italy as a remote chance of visiting again. Travel just for food is still taking it’s own sweet time to sync in reality.

How about shopping? I have seen people stock up their bags with stuff that is either not suitable in their residence city’s living conditions or not very useful in the first place. I remember that I had bought a baby pink coloured porous shawl in manali few years back and am still contemplating on when and how to use it! It is either not required most of the year or not very useful in keeping me warm in those few winter months.

Sigh! These days it is fancy to have a destination theme based store right outside the attractions in many places. In one such places, we bought a mini Statue of Liberty and gifted it to our parents. When I went to visit my parents last time, I saw that micro statue in one forgotten corner and no one seemed to bother about it, including me! I realized that we do not need such artefacts in the first place, which will just eat up your space in home and doesn’t add any value in what you are or how you want things around!

This brings me to a point that I think I am the only person who has so many negative thoughts about travelling. Still, the very first thought that strikes me on those groggy mornings when I don’t want to wake up is – “I think I am stressed, I think I need a break from the routine, I think I need to travel, I think I need to escape!

So why should anyone travel after all?

During a casual chat recently, I even heard some of my friends say that they don’t mind not travelling at all, they are happy to be in their own cosy routine. With kids, this view point just becomes stronger and some moms just want to cuddle up and sleep – that is the best idea of an escape sometimes, isn’t it?

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Sleep is on my mind too occasionally, but I read somewhere recently, “Dust if you must, but there is not much time, with rivers to swim and mountains to climb, music to hear and books to read, friends to cherish and life to lead.” What words of wisdom, especially when I reflected on travel instead of dust in this instance! Given an opportunity one should travel like crazy and come back home when they miss the routine!

By all means, travel for that experience

You need not decide on a terrain to zero in on your destination, rather travel to get a new experience and to have beautiful memories. What matters most in a travel is the journey itself and the company you have with you, unless it is meant to be a solo trip. If you still cannot decide between a beach and a mountain, start with a desert or a fort or a vineyard, it doesn’t matter even if it is a place that is unheard of. Trying to seek more newer experiences is enough boost for you to plan your next travel.

By all means, travel for food

I know it sounds contradictory but you have not explored a culture enough if you have not tasted their speciality. Authenticity is something that does not have alternatives in a recipe. While you might not do an abroad trip just to taste their special food, do make time to explore food on your itinerary. I have heard that people do not consider your visit to Porbandar worthy if you have not tasted their khajali (a local wheat based fried delicacy). That explains it all! By just sticking to sandwiches during your entire trip and hopping places, you are never going to understand and appreciate the place in its true essence.

By all means, travel to shop

Definitely consider shopping, not because the place has some speciality to offer – rather shop because you need to! Unlike food, artifact are not a one time tasting thing which last hardly any time. They need space and maintanence once you are back at home, unless you are buying something like a scented candle or an exotic body lotion or a soap which can be used completely.

Buy an artifact only when you see a bit of yourself in it, like a painting that you have been searching for long and want to showcase it as your pride in the living room. Or a piece of statement furniture or a frame that would go well with your interiors or a form of intricate art that you are passionate about, etc. It should talk back to you and tell a story whenever your guests point at it or even when you glance at it while sipping your coffee. Rest all can be conveniently ignored, they are just to cause a dent in your pocket!

So – do travel!

Now don’t punch me for so many contradictions in the post, all I am trying to say is, do travel – but only for the right reasons! Because that personalized experience is all going to make a difference in exploring places and doesn’t make it mundane. When you do it for the reasons that you connect with, travel becomes a natural extension of living and not a task to be done. When you miss home, you do not miss it because the travel is boring but just that your excitement needs a break now, just like you needed a break from routine. You can then go home to unpack your bags and memories, to talk about it, to share with friends, to laugh about those crazy things that create a memorable connection with the place.

In the middle of all this, don’t forget to start planning your next expedition – for selfishly right reasons, of course!

Image source: woman traveller by Shutterstock.


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