How Amal Clooney Is Using Her Star Power To Claim Justice For Yazidi Women

Popular human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is using her star power to get justice for yazdi genocide women. Discover her amazing human rights efforts. 

Popular human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is using her star power to get justice for Yazidi genocide women victims. 

Amal Clooney, noted lawyer and the wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney will soon represent the victims of the Yazidi genocide (killing of yazdi people of Iraq by ISIL). She seeks the intervention of the International Criminal Court (ICC)  into the crimes committed by the ISIS against humanity.

She has highlighted that the most hideous crimes are being carried out against humanity but there are no prosecutions taking place by the international criminal court. Despite ISIL claiming responsibility for the genocide, there were still no ICC prosecutions.

She’s diligently working towards getting justice for the trafficking of yazdi girls. During the Yazidi genocide in Iraq, several women were abducted and taken to unknown places and held captive. They were subjected to horrendous treatment, gangraped and enslaved. Many Yazidi women are still under the control of the ISIS militants.

Women were and are still being raped in the hands of ISIL fighters. Nadia Murad, a noble peace prize nominee who was enslaved and raped by more than a dozen ISIL fighters, will be represented by Amal Clooney. Nadia lost most of her family members during the genocide. She was then abducted and taken from Iraq to a city of Mosul.

Cases Amal Clooney has worked for

This is not all. The graceful and sophisticated lawyer has worked on several human rights issues. The Maldives Human rights issue is just one of them. According to her, democracy is deteriorating in Maldives – the popular tourist destination. TV stations are being closed down, lawyers are being attacked and the opponents of the current president are behind bars.

One of her clients, Mohammed Nasheed has been sentenced to thirteen years of imprisonment and the act is politically motivated.  The judges who convicted him didn’t even have law degrees. She’s putting forth efforts to support imposing sanctions in Maldives. And this is just one of her notable cases.

I consider her as a woman of substance. I admire her fashion sense too, and she has inspired people all over the world with her savvy and classy style . George clooney describes her as “A good human being, caring and one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met.” The noble peace prize nominee, Nadia Murad mentioned that Amal comes across as a sister and a guardian.

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In my personal view, Amal Clooney can be considered as one of the greatest role models for women. I think she’s done incredible work when it comes to human rights. She is using her star power, knowledge and hard work to make a substantial difference to humanity.

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