Khabar Lahariya: India’s First Newspaper, Run Entirely By Women [Video]

Posted: January 4, 2016

Khabar Lahariya, is a newspaper run by 40 rural women in the villages of UP and Bihar. Women who fight harassment and all odds to bring that one weekly newspaper. 

There is news beyond the headlines that mainstream news channels keep hemming on our TV screens. India is much more than what we can perceive. Have you ever imagined what life could be or the problems that could be in a remote village in UP? Ofcourse news that do not give TRP. Here is a newspaper that reports what we do not see and it is run by women. Yes, you heard it right.

Khabar Lahariya, a weekly newspaper of 8 pages, which is sold is 600 villages in UP and Bihar. This paper with 40 local journalists sells 8000 copies, every week. A newspaper with a feminist lens. Khabar Lahariya began as the only Bundeli newspaper in India and now has editions in Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Hindustani and Bajjika.

In this video, meet Suneeta, married at the age of 12, left school at 9, who became a successful journalist. It’s not easy to be a Dalit or a tribal woman in the villages of UP or Bihar, where Patriarchy has completely taken over. These women face harassers almost every day. Yet, they make sure, that truth comes out through their pens. They are helped by journalists and activist in Delhi.

Watch the story of Suneeta here

And watch here the everyday struggle they go through.

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