A 10 Year Old Who Became A Reader Despite Being Discouraged

A 10 year old talks about how she became a reader despite her parents not wanting her to waste time on books.

A 10 year old talks about how she became a reader despite her parents not wanting her to waste time on books.

In December 2015, we had #BookTalk, a theme based writing contest. There were some children who wrote in. Although we could not use these as contest entries, we appreciated the effort. Sharing the first one of these, by a 9 year old.

The cue was: “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home.” ― Anna Quindlen, How Reading Changed My Life

Here is what 10 year old Ananya has to say.

Books are our guiding lights. Can you imagine your life without the bound pages that seem to welcome you into their arms? Can you imagine your life without any escape to your problems, no way to walk into another world? Do you think that your life would be any better without books? Well, I for one, know that I live to read. My life does not mean anything without a spine to caress or pages filled with words.

I never used to like reading. Me? I can hardly process that but it’s true. I developed my interest at the age of four. It was when I moved to America. My parents read me books every day. Gradually my love for books grew from a seed to a tree full of blossoms. I started reading small books, like magic tree house but within a year I had advanced to Harry Potter books. When I was six I had finished the series and had read many other books. Every time I read a book my love for books grow a bit more. Books have shaped my personality to be like the characters. Some characteristics like bravery, wisdom and determination have stuck to me and have shaped me.

Eventually, I started reading several books a day. As soon as I finished school, I would eat, finish my work and do some exercises. The rest of my day was dedicated to reading. After reading, eating dinner and reading some more than sleep. When I read I always get sucked into the book like it’s a vacuum. Then one day, my parents decided to limit my reading. They told me enough was enough. Imagine giving your child or pet one meager meal a day. They would get no nutrients or energy for the day and would feel miserable. Believe me that was close to what I felt. But I made friends and learned to live with limited book time.

As I grew older, my homework level increased and I had very less time for reading. After a while though, I learned to make time for reading by sacrificing other things. Right now, my life is focused on studying, spending time with my family and reading. It was one of those days when I felt like I would die of boredom if I didn’t read something. I told my mum that I would sleep early because I was tired. She gave me a tasty dinner of soup and vegetables and I went to bed. When I was sure she had gone, I pulled out a book got my reading flashlight and read. Soon I heard voices but I was too deep in my book to be dug out. Suddenly the door opened and in came my mum and dad. I remember lots of scolding but I was satisfied although in a guilty way.

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Every day I thank god for giving me books. Without a book I feel agitated. Books have changed my life, making me calmer, learning to accept mistakes and seeing from other’s point of view. Even today reading is my passion and the magic of reading has never even once, lost its glow.

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