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You Will Be Dazzled By These Gorgeous Vintage Kitchen Designs

Posted: October 28, 2015

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Before you throw any old items out of your house, stop and get inspired by these irresistible vintage design ideas for your kitchen. With a bit of resourcefulness, you can reclaim old items and bring irresistible retro charm to your kitchen. 

A vintage kitchen is all the rage in kitchen décor right now. Getting a vintage look for your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that you spend a bomb in getting the right look. With creativity and intuition, you can get a good vintage variation if you have significant kitchen utensils, tools or artifacts from the good old days. So in case your grandmother or your mom is bored of some kitchen item and is planning to get rid of it, be sure to ask them to throw it in the direction of your house, to achieve that vintage look!

Though changing things like your kitchen sink, taps, oven or refrigerator will also bring out the look that you are craving for, it is often difficult to replace these items frequently. Alter a few simple things to achieve the objective. Here’s how you can get a vintage look with the simplest of items.

Hanging glitters

Those old pots and pans made of brass or copper would definitely add the required vintage charm. Have a kitchen space with good visibility ready, to hang those precious pans that belonged to your grand mother. Experiment with some tiny plants in the age-old pretty vintage pots, either as a wall planter or as a part of your window garden.

vintage kitchen

Image via Shutterstock.

Fabrics talk vintage too!

If you have your dining space inside or adjacent to the kitchen, use table mats in softer tones to get the vintage look. If you can get the mats woven with lace, then even better. Vintage style kitchen napkins and even a small vintage curtain to your kitchen window will fit in with the scheme.


Image via Shutterstock.

Colour, colour, which colour do you choose?

Colour is a great way to bring out the look you have in mind. Apply colours on larger surfaces to maximize the desired theme. For major interior changes, a dash of simple grey on one of the kitchen walls or just a grey laminate for the breakfast counter can magically transform it into a vintage tone. Or try any shade of pastels for wall colours or for the tiles above the counter or for the laminates for cabinets.


Image via Shutterstock.

Those antique fragments

Apart from the pots and pans, don’t forget to display those unique pieces of vintage tools like the kettle, mugs, trays, baskets, vases and jars to get a finished look. Have open shelves distributed throughout the kitchen storage so that it doesn’t look like vintage only in just one corner.


Image via Shutterstock.

Make way for some warmth

If you get everything right with respect to vintage tools in the kitchen, but have poor lighting then you are not there yet! Lighting is a very important factor in highlighting the vintage items that you picked up to look prominent. Add that warmth and radiance to show those vintage pieces effectively. Also you can have some vintage lanterns to increase the theme’s quotient.


Image via Shutterstock.

How about some vintage art?

If you have a spacious kitchen where you can sacrifice some wall space for art instead of storage, then go for some vintage art. Hang those frames of pretty spoons and forks or funny old quotes or pictures of old tins/wine bottles or ancient ads about food or mother feeding her children or cooking or even a versed dish to make it vintage special!


Image via Shutterstock.

Revive that old crockery unit in style

Restore that old crockery unit to a vintage styled one by just painting it with the right colour, instead of replacing it with another new crockery unit altogether.

crockery unit

Image via Zeospot.


Dare to look down 

Proper flooring completes the vintage and a simple black and white combination works wonders. It might look boring and old fashioned but trust me when you have all other things in place like the tools, pans, fabric, color, lighting etc, this would definitely look great. And there is no need to replace your existing flooring; there are a variety of designs available in the market in the form of linoleum/vinyl flooring sheets/tiles, which can be installed directly on your current kitchen floor.


Cover image via Shutterstock.

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