#BachpanWithFlinto Blogger Contest: Building Childhood Memories

Posted: August 7, 2015

The #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest is a great chance to indulge in some childhood nostalgia; plus, every single entry wins a Flinto box. How cool is that?

Remember the good old days? Yes, the time when you were still a child playing hide-and-seek; seven stones, or lock-and-key with your friends; gulping down yummy golgappas at a mela; waiting for a letter from a near-and-dear one; watching ‘He-Man’ on Doordarshan; or watering the garden along with your mom or dad.

Take a walk through your memory lane. You sure did a lot of things – played more, learnt more, explored more, and had more time than your kids do now.

Do you wish there is one thing from your childhood that little ones today could do? Then, here’s your chance to tell us about it. Pick out just one such thing you did that kids today are missing out on. Write about it.

LogoThis contest is brought to you in association with Flintobox. Flintobox is trusted by more than 72,000 parents to enhance their children’s developmental skills. Undoubtedly, Flintobox is one of the best educational gifts for children in the age group of 3-7 in India today.

Update: Winners’ Announcement

We know you’ve been awaiting the results eagerly, and here they are! The entire team here enjoyed reading all your entries, and had a tough time picking out only a few to win. What’s more, as many of the posts reveal, this trip down nostalgia lane was clearly a very enjoyable one, so Women’s Web as well as Flintobox are glad to have been part of this journey with you.

The first prize winner is Jasmita Dubey, for her post, 20 paise ka bachpan. She receives gift vouchers worth Rs.5000.

The second prize winner is Shipra Pande, for her post, Chuk Chuk Chuk – the indelible memories. She receives gift vouchers worth Rs.3000.

The third prize winner is Mayura Rao, for her post, Kavade Aata – the traditional games of India. She receives gift vouchers worth Rs.2000.

Plus, since we had so many lovely entries, we are giving away 10 Women’s Web coffee mugs for Additional Excellent Entries (not 5, as we thought originally).

These prizes go to:

Ujwala Karmarkar, Pooja Sharma Rao, Pooja S Banerjee, Charu Chhitwal, Parwati Singari, Uma Nigith, Sreesha Divakaran, Rajlakshmi, Kashmira Lad and Aruna Chakraborty.

Congratulations, and we’ll be getting in touch soon with your prizes!

Bloggers Start Typing!

Do you wish there is one thing from your childhood that your little one could do? Then, here’s your chance to tell us about it. Pick out just one such thing you did that your child is missing out on. Write about it.

1. Mention that the post is being written for the #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest and add the text as given below, including a valid link.

Flintobox creates award-winning discovery boxes filled with fun exploratory activities and games for children in the age group of 3-7. If you wish to gift Flintobox to your child, niece/nephew, or friend’s child, use the exclusive coupon code WELCOME to avail Rs. 250/- off.

2. Submit a link to your blogpost in the comments section below with your name.

Sit Back…… Relax and continue Reminiscing about your Bachpan (childhood)


Make sure you post your entry on your blog between the 7th and 23rd August and send us the link before 12 o’clock midnight!

The Loot to be Won

The best blog posts get all the loot mentioned below and will also be featured in an article on Women’s Web.

  • First Prize Winner – Gift Voucher worth Rs.5000 from Flipkart
  • Second Prize Winner – Gift voucher worth Rs.3000 from Flipkart
  • Third Prize Winner – Gift voucher worth Rs. 2000 from Flipkart
  • Five additional winners will get an awesome Women’s Web coffee mug

And Drumroll Please……… Dum Dum Dum Dummmm……. All participants with valid entries will get a Free Flintobox worth Rs. 1095 to build some childhood memories today!

Please fill this form with your details so that we can send you your own Flinto Box.

The Seriouswale Terms and Conditions

  • Blog posts that have incomplete links and text would not be considered for prizes
  • Flintoboxes and prizes can be sent to cities in India only
  • To receive your Flintobox please remember to fill this form with your details. Your details will be shared with Flinto so that they can process your boxes.
  • One box will be sent per entry but multiple entries are welcome to compete for the prizes.
  • Editor’s and judge’s discretion is final
  • You are invited to share your childhood with your friends and bloggers you know! Use the hashtag #BachpanWithFlinto on your post and your shares as well

Flintobox is glad to announce the launch of their latest theme ‘The Little Scientist’ to Women’s Web readers.

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    • In your form submission page, valid mobile phone number of Vodafone is not taking…so unable to fill and submit it.

    • Hi Nupur, there may have been a space before your number. Please try again? Also, do give us a longer post with your thoughts on the topic. And include the link mentioned as a link, not pasting it.

  1. Hi, I had put my contest link under the facebook comment earlier. Not very sure if it’s the right place to insert. So, here it is again! 🙂

    • Thank you, Anjali. That is absolutely fine and this is also fine 🙂
      Hope you have left your details in the google docs to get your Flintobox delivered too!

  2. Yes, I left my details to get the Flintobox, thank you women’s web!

  3. Hello,

    First of all, a great idea. Kudos!

    I am pasting the link to my blog Gift an idea to your child.




  4. Here is the link to my post. Made me walk down the memory lanes of cherished memories.

  5. Hi! This is Amreen B. Shaikh from Mumbai and I’ve the following entry for the contest! (My first ever on Womens’ Web)! I hopes everyone enjoys it >> https://painttheworldwithwords.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/building-castles-of-sand/

  6. Neeti Nair Nigam -

    This is Neeti Nair Nigam, My post for the #BachpanWithFlinto contest is,

  7. NamrataSadhvani -

    Here’s my entry for the #BachpanwithFlinto contest:-
    “Conversations changed as I “grew up” but the positions never changed, neither did my mom and her profound simplistic way of making me realize the right choices in my life.”

    Bachpan Ke Din- My Fondest Childhood Memory!


  8. Thank You Women’sWeb and Flinto for letting the apt contest for whats your legacy month. https://parwatisingari.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/when-i-was-young/

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  10. My entry for #BachpanwithFlintoBlogger contest
    Loved going down the memory lane https://sitaranair.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/to-the-memory-land/

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  12. Hi Women’s Web this is my first time on your website and I am not a registered user, I am submitting my entry for the contest here https://desiherald.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/kavade-aata-traditional-games-of-india/
    Please let me know if registering is mandatory to take part in the contest

  13. Hello team, I thank you for organizing a creative contest. It’s due to your efforts that everyone has poured out feelings through their writings on the web 🙂 This is my entry.

  14. Such an amazing way to run the content, great efforts guys, really helped all participants to travel back in the childhood memories.

    My entry for the #BachpanWithFlinto contest is shared here: http://mychildeva.blogspot.com/2015/08/unforgettable-childhood-memories-bachpan.html

    Many thanks,

  15. My entry for the #BachpanWithFlinto contest if shared in my blog.Link is http://arayofgold.blogspot.ae/2015/08/the-games-that-we-played.html

  16. My entry! http://abstractadmissions.blogspot.ae/2015/08/dream-away-little-one.html
    Nice to be on this side of the fence for a change 🙂 And last day! Phew!

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  18. Hi everyone- just like all of us I walked down the memory lane for this one! My entry #BachpanWithFlinto

  19. Poonam (StirYourSouls) -

    The single-most important truth to let sink in lies in the fact that our parents’ outlook towards life, their lifestyle was suited to their survival in those times, our lifestyle aided us to successfully survive our times, and that of our children is keeping them all fine till this point in time, and will continue to, hopefully.

    Childhood is made fun,
    When there’s exploration.

    Kids learn on their own, in a sticky situation,
    Paving their own way out, is a skillful satisfaction.

    Since Time Immemorial, Familia Decennia… 🙂


  20. Hi, My name is Khyati Bheda and my entry for the #BachpanWithFlinto contest is:

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