7 Signs To Know That It’s A ‘Break-up’

A woman's guide to relationships - how do you know when it is a breakup?

Come on, we love the term ‘Love Forever.’ Who would not love the celebrations of sweet-nothings, little thrills, non ending phone calls and small surprises to go on for a life-time? But as love brings its share of euphoria and dreams, lets accept, it brings along ‘heart-breaks’ too.

It is well understood that so many times, we are so blinded by the term ‘love’ that we do not want to see the writing on the walls. We live in denial. I have lived it too, so you are not the only one. In this article we talk about 7 vital signs that would make it clear, it is better to move on.

1) He is forever busy – It might be true for some days. But suddenly if he seems to be busier than the ‘President of United States of America,’ know there is something more to it. No one is too busy for a PHONE CALL.

Woman's Guide to breakups2) He does not respond to your love messages – Remember the times, when your days passed hitting your Smartphone’s keys declaring undying love for each other through text messages. He suddenly stops responding to your messages. Even the most romantic ones go unanswered. Know it is leading you the the dreaded word.

3) He avoids your friends – Yes, we understand that your great love story began with you introducing him to your best friends and he was nice to all. And then he refuses to even go near them or avoids your group of friends in the best possible ways.

4) He has new friends in town – So, you knew all his friends. Yes, he introduced you to his group of buddies. But suddenly he has some new friends in the town and you have no CLUE about.

5) He gets defensive – Now, that he is no more the guy you fell in love with, every question is not met with a resolution but with defensiveness.

6) He keeps away from you – He tries all the tricks in the town NOT to meet you. And even if he does, he wants to finish the meeting as soon as possible. And no hugs or closeness happens. He avoids looking into your eyes.

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7) He restricts/deletes you from his facebook account – This is the ultimatum. If he does so. Know for sure, “IT IS OVER.”

If this is happening to you, know it’s time to move on. Yes, accepting it hurts. Cry, beat the pillow, watch sob movies, join a hobby class, hang around with your friends, but know in your hearts, you will get over it too. No heart break is permanent.

You are neither the first one to go through it nor the last one. And a piece of advice, no matter how much it breaks your heart and soul now, one day you will look back and smile at it.

Good Luck!

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