Q & A With Nandini Vaidyanathan On Entrepreneurship

Posted: September 3, 2012

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On August 9th we hosted a live chat on our Facebook page with Nandini Vaidyanathan who teaches entrepreneurship in Business and Engineering schools around the world and is the Co-Founder of Startups and CARMa both of which mentor entrepreneurs. She is also the author of Entrepedia, a helpful book for newbie entrepreneurs. Nandini answered reader questions and discussed about the challenges of starting-up and running your own business. Here is a summary of the live chat:

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1 Comment

  1. Hi mam!
    i am doing engineering in IT in nagpur.
    I want to bocome entreppreneur.
    I am currently(part time) working with SmartValue products and services Limited.
    please suggest me, how can i start my own business.

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