Women’s Web New Year Giveaway Winners

Posted: January 8, 2012

Here we come to the close of the first week of 2012 – and we’ve already had so much fun, organizing the Women’s Web New Year’s giveaway hamper, getting to interact with a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs – and finally, picking out the names of 10 lucky winners (well, ‘picking out’ in this instance was a random name selection from an excel sheet, but you get the drift!).

So, here are the 10 lucky folks who’ve won themselves a Women’s Web New Year’s Hamper, with cosmetics from Prakriti Herbals, earrings from Misha Crafts, handmade paper diaries from Prishth, bracelets/necklaces from Swa Design and funky car stickers (‘Vackys‘) from The Bright Side. We’re listing below the user names that won the draw – emails are being sent out to you folks, Congratulations!

1. laksha

2. chitra05

3. anu

4. susmita roy

5. aps75

6. princessdoll13

7. arundhativenkatesh

8. corbettashish

9. sunayanaroy

10. neha3289

(In case we don’t hear from any of the winners within a week, or any of them don’t have a valid address in India that we can send the hamper to, we have a back-up of a few more lucky folks, to whom the hampers will be sent instead.)

Update (Jan 31st, 2012): Some winners haven’t responded, so we’ll be giving away their hampers to a few other lucky folks!

A big thank you to all 5 brands that participated in the giveaway and we’re glad we got to introduce you to our readers!

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  1. Wow!! Thanks 🙂 Have sent a reply to you with my address etc.

  2. Congrats winners! Hope you like the ear rings I’ve sent. And thanks Aparna for introducing Mishacrafts to other women. Cheers!

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