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32-26-32? Let’s Flaunt Our ‘Imperfect’ Selves Instead!

Women are exposed to rigid and narrow standards of beauty early on. It's high time we take a stand against these unrealistic notions of body image and break free.

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Dear Bullied & Shamed Body, I Love You As You Are

An open letter by the author to her body, which has borne the brunt of the shaming that a society that goes by stereotypes does, instead of looking at the person herself.

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How I Was “Finally” Registered On A Wedding Portal At 30 After Staying Single By Choice

A hilarious account of how the 'forces of society' finally led to this 'single by choice' 30 year old woman to get registered on a wedding portal.

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How My Mother And Teachers Socialized Me Into Becoming An Ill-Informed Woman

I was taught that a menstruating woman was impure, and that sex always causes pregnancy, among other things, by my mother and teachers, and had to search for my own answers later.

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As A Young Woman, Whom Do I Trust As People Think Nothing Of Breaking It?

Women need to be wary of whom they trust, simply because society, even family members, think nothing of riding roughshod over their trust.

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Dear Family, My Dream Wedding Is Nothing Like Those That Bollywood Has Popularised

Letter from a practical girl who doesn't want a BIG wedding with all the bells and whistles, but a small gathering of family and friends who matter to her.

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