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12 Truly Bizarre Things Women Have Been Judged For…’Cuz Woman!

Women are judged for the most bizarre reasons! Here are 12 truly ridiculous examples from real life.

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Why The Bearded Beauty Harnaam Kaur Became An Anti-Bullying And Body Positivity Advocate
Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur was bullied for having excess body hair as a child, which was due to PCOS. However, she rose above it and today advocates body positivity.

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The Housewife’s 20 Day “Mandatory Leave” [#ShortStory]
mandatory leave

It has been 5 years since our marriage. I would like to inform you that I am now eligible for 100 days of mandatory leave. I would like to utilize 20 days of it for now.

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She Is A Mother, Not Someone To Clear Up After You All Day!
taking me for granted

When my daughter said, “You watch TV the whole day when I go to school,” I woke up to the fact that my kids were taking me for granted.

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Be A Virgin Until Marriage, But A Whore Thereafter
force himself on his wife

What gives a married man the right to force himself on his wife? Is she a slave? Has he bought her? Does he own her? How is it any less than any other form of physical assault? How is it NOT criminal?

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The Portrayal Of Muslim Women In Bollywood Is Stuck In A Time Warp, And Needs Some Serious Revamping
Muslim women in films

While the portrayal of Muslim women in films made in Bollywood has evolved over the last few decades, a lot is still left to be desired.

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