Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism
why I am a feminist
I Am A Feminist Because… Go On, Join In And Add YOUR Reason To Be One!

It is at times like when I get misogynistic comments from those who I think are friends, that I tell myself why I am a feminist. A personal POV.

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A Small Step For Moms Like Me, A Big Step For Motherhood Everywhere!
how her child should be named

A mom takes a stand on how her child should be named, convincing the establishment in her small way - and that this should be the norm everywhere.

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When My 6 Year Old Pointed Out The Sexism I Had Missed In A Childhood Favourite, My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady

My understanding of the characters in the movie My Fair Lady have changed as I have journeyed from childhood through marriage into motherhood.

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From Darkness To Light: A Fairy Tale
darkness to light

Here’s a final piece of advice. Don’t ask for the moon… reach out for it. And if you believe in yourself, you will get there. March along determinedly towards your goals. Let the light in you shine through

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Is Marriage Considered “Free Rehabilitation Facility” By Indian Parents And Their “Problematic” Sons?

Why do Indian families feel that if a man has lost his purpose in life, is abusive, or suffers from any addictions, the best thing to do for him would be to get him married?

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It’s Not Just A School Play
school play

So her refusing the title part in the school play was news to Meera. She turned to look at Pari, and asked her in their secret language, what’s all this about?

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