Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism
a new beginning
A New Beginning [#ShortStory]

Sometimes people discover it late in life like you did. Also in our case it’s not just about physical pleasure it’s about the emotional connect we share that transcends everything else.

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Of Arranged Marriages And The Underlying Tales That Are The Bane Of A Single Girl’s Life!
arranging a marriage

As a woman crosses a certain age, everybody and their aunt gets interested in arranging a marriage for her. A hilarious personal account.

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You’re Unable To Have A Child. Maybe Learning The Art Of Living Childfree Will Help!
living childfree

You are keen on becoming a mother, but are unable to conceive. The art of living childfree can help you to live a more meaningful life.

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Living With An Invisible Abuser – Fibromyalgia, A Very Painful Condition!

In a country where sensitivity to an invisible illness like fibromyalgia is abysmal, life can be very lonely indeed. A personal account.

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Yes, She Survived. But None Of The Headlines Were About The Rapists And The Murderers
survival is a shame

In a country where we do not hold rapists and murderers accountable, do not expose the 'why' of their heinous crimes, the mere survival is a shame.

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The Empty Nest [#ShortStory]
The Empty Nest

Her youngest son had a girlfriend. She had come to know that the duo had gone to Goa together. How could she accept a daughter-in-law who was so open-minded?

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