Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism
Gear Up, Boys – Home Science Will Now Be Compulsory for You Too!

For girls, home science has always been considered a relevant subject. The Women and Child Development Ministry proposes: why not for boys too?

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“Women Can’t..”: Are You Sure You Want To Complete That Sentence?

For centuries we have been told what women can and what women can't. Let's take a reality check, shall we?

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The Decision [#ShortStory]
the decision

In order to kill time and hunger, we ordered rupees 25/plate of chola-bhatura along with a mineral water. We looked the same silly people we were when we met at the age of 17 and 18.

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Why I Was Disguised As A Man Driving On That Notorious Highway
women's safety

The actions of men have encroached upon women's safety, turning them into a 'liability'. Society has failed the women of our country!

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“But Why Is He Still Sleeping?” When Rest For Women Is An Imaginary Thing

Why is some rest for women so hard to come by, especially in joint families? Do you think women are machines?

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Why Should We Teach Our Moms To Be Selfish? Because Moms Are People Too!
moms are people too

Let us recognize that moms are people too, and have a right to their downtime, no matter what the ideal of the MAA has taught you!

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