Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism
5 Products For Women That We DON’T (And Shouldn’t) Need In 2018!

It's 2018, and honestly, I don't think we need to inflict on ourselves all the BS products for women that are marketed as if we can't live without them.

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No, Living With In-Laws Is Not The Law. And I Am Not A Criminal If I Breach It!
living with in-laws

Living with in-laws after marriage is considered the default for most Indian women. But is this always out of choice or is it the only option for them? Are they considered evil if they refuse?

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Walk Tall, And That’s How The World Sees You! [#ShortStory]
how the world sees you

And now here she was, in front of the mirror, wearing the most beautiful piece of jewelry her mother gave her, her confidence. The confidence to be herself.

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Yes, I Am Angry, And So Should You Be!
make them strong

#Poetry. Stop telling your daughters, wives, sisters, to 'cover up' because men outside cannot hold themselves in. Make them strong, don't tell them to hide.

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Women Carry More Of The Household Burden Even In Double Income Families. Is This Fair?
household burden

The household burden is often skewed in most homes - but maybe you should expect a more equitable distribution if you are an earning member too?

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Himanshu Singh: The 28 Year Old Guy Next Door Who Came Out About His Sexuality On Facebook
Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh is a young Indian man who came out about his sexuality on Facebook despite the risks, and is now an LGBTQ activist. 

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