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Gender, Stereotypes, Sexism
Why Must Girls Apologise For Success? Dangal Actor Zaira Wasim’s Letter Shows How Bad It Gets

Dangal actor Zaira Wasim is facing an outpouring of hate on social media, showing yet again, that we simply cannot bear girls enjoying the limelight.

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No, I Won’t Apologize For Being A Feminist Just Because You Don’t Understand What Feminism Means!

What does feminism mean? It addresses the gender discrepancies women face daily, but it is most misunderstood, even by women themselves!

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Talent Has No Gender, So What Does My Being A Woman Have To Do With My (Lack Of) Proficiency In The Kitchen?

Why should my gender decide my talent? Talent has no gender, and it is misplaced feminism to jeer one gender's accomplishments to elevate the other!

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How My Menstruation Ceremony Scarred Me For Life
Women and periods

In many parts of India, parents have a menstruation ceremony to announce a girl's fertility. But the practice is not exactly period-positive.

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Ladies, Stand Up For Our Right To Dignity With A #PledgeToSurvive
evaluate woman based on looks

We women have been pushed around too far for too long. Maybe it is time to rebel, to stand up for our right to dignity and a life on our terms! #PledgeToSurvive

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Why The Phrase ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Is Damaging Our Sons – Teaching Our Boys To Be Safe!
mother and pre-teen son

"Careful!" "Don’t run too fast!" "Let’s not be wild!" Do you know that girls hear these phrases more than boys? Why aren’t we teaching our boys to be safe?

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