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Why Do We Need Perfection All The Time? I Don’t Want This Word For My Kids!

As parents, we run behind perfection from our kids, and in the process, forget to let them be kids and also learn some valuable lessons growing up.

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When Everyone Around Me Turned Out To Be A Cancer Expert! A Survivor’s Story
cancer expert

Within a few weeks after I was diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer in Nov 2015, I discovered something: Almost everyone is a cancer expert.

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I Learnt 10 Life Lessons On My Daily Cycling Routine And I’d Like To Share Them With You

Here are some life lessons from cycling daily, which I might not have learnt if I had not taken up this exhilarating form of sport.

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A Cup Of Subtle White Tea To Refresh You Might Be All You Need Some Days!
white tea

White tea is a highly exotic, almost magical beverage to be savored at leisure. It has a calming effect and sets the stage for conversation and relaxation.

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How To Have A Clutter Free Mind (And Life!) In 10 Simple Steps
clutter free

The chaos in our lives is a function of the clutter in our homes and relationships. Check out these 10 points for a clutter free mind and life.

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7 Ways My Life Became Better When I Revived My Childhood Hobbies
childhood hobbies

Put yourself in touch with your inner child by rejuvenating your childhood hobbies, and making them a part of your everyday life. It's fun!

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