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abortion in India
All You Need To Know About Getting An Abortion In India

If you are looking for details about getting an abortion in India, this article will tell you how to go about it safely and legally.

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Yes, Urinary Incontinence Is Embarrassing. But Hiding It Under The Sheets Doesn’t Help
Happiness of young Asian woman lying with blanket on bed in the morning. Winter day. Copy space. Vintage effect style pictures.

Urinary Incontinence is not unusual - many women around the world face it. Get help for it. It's not your fault.

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How I Survived The Post Partum Blues Using These 6 Action Points!
post partum blues

Post partum blues can really incapacitate a new mother. Here is the author's personal account of the ways in which she combated these terrible times.

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No Matter How Difficult The Situation, You Need To Be Strong For Your Child. They Bank On You
to be strong for your child

"You need to be strong for your child, even if you are hurting inside," says the author in this intensely personal account of inner strength.

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Monsoon Season On Our Heads! Make It Simply Great By Taking Care Of These Simple Things

With the monsoon season coming up, its time for hot chai and pakodas, but also for seasonal infections. Stay safe and happy with these simple tips.

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How To Deal With Thyroid Malfunction [Besides Your Medical Treatment]
thyroid malfunction

Thyroid malfunction can be a bigger deal in women with all their other hormonal cycles being affected, and closely interlinked with Polycystic Ovarian Disorder.

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