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negative body image
4 Things I Followed While Overcoming My Negative Body Image

A negative body image is more a function of how you feel about yourself. That can certainly change with some effort, as this woman found out.

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Live The Best ANT Life You Possibly Can!

Let the ant in you, take stock of your future needs! ANT? What does an ant have to do with my future needs?

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The Unknown Battles Of A Bully OR How Not To Make A Troll

A bully who hurts others is reeling under some pain themselves. Which is how trolls happen. How can someone help themselves if they find themselves in pain?

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When I learnt To Seek The Purpose Behind My Pursuits!

A reflective post about a woman who learned to question the purpose behind doing the things that she did.

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Here Are 10 Easy Fitness Videos That You Can Use To Exercise At Home
easy fitness videos

Want to workout but not finding time to go to a gym? Here are 10 easy fitness videos for women to watch and exercise at home.

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4 Things That Happened When I Deactivated Facebook
deactivating Facebook

When I deactivated Facebook, this is how my life changed. I'm still on an ongoing journey and if you too crave for some respite from social media. 

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